Lenox Checkout Experience

A Lesson in Conversion Optimization

Ever wondered how to instantly boost your online revenue?  The answer can be extracted from our recent partnership with a long standing luxury glassware company, called Lenox.

Lenox Corp came to us with a common problem. They had built a highly profitable online business, but it was using antiquated technology and had a poor user experience. Suspecting that they could boost their profit margins with a redesign, they brought us a challenge involving several layers of complexity.

ONE. Reengineer the user experience of a profitable website.
TWO. Redesign the user interface to appeal to two dramatically different audiences.
THREE. Navigate and optimize a technology platform with portions dating back to the 1980’s.
FOUR. Test and iterate the redesign on a highly trafficked site.
FIVE. Prove the success of the redesign via increased revenue.
SIX. Do all of it in time to go live for the busiest season of the year.


A Real Estate Site As Beautiful As the Views

Kohanaiki boasts of real estate like no other. As the gateway to the most luxurious properties near Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, its agents facilitate a flawlessly tailored experience to their high end audience consisting of the world’s wealthiest and most famous. Unfortunately, most real estate website experiences fall pitifully short of the quality of its products. But, since most prospective homeowners will have their first introduction to the company online, Kohanaiki needed a site that matched its top shelf properties and flawless customer service.

Thus we were presented with the challenge of creating a luxury buying experience for their unique market of high profile individuals. We wanted to convey the experience of living on the island, with an enquiry as the end goal.

Dury’s Camera

The Metacake Marketing team devised a Facebook Business Advertising campaign strategy for Dury’s Camera.   Through hyper-targeted Facebook audiences, we drove tens of thousands of website visitors that were qualified to Dury’s website.

After testing several dozen ad variants, Dury’s saw significant sales increases immediately and is expanding their Facebook budget into other new verticals within their business.


Providence Auto Group – vAuto Integration

Metacake has worked closely with our client Providence Auto Group (PAG) based here in Franklin TN to develop a cutting-edge  brand and auto sales website.  PAG has a very distinct brand in the market loving their customers and the local community as well as their cars. PAG uses the vAuto platform inventory management platform and so Metacake designed and developed the website with a deep customized vAuto integration that complements their sales and merchandising process.

PAG have already had great feedback on the new site that creates a great experience for the car buying customer and  that helps them to build their brand and to sell more cars.