7 Things Your Brand Should Stop Doing on Social Media

“Waffle, ketchup and olives were a bad choice. #projectilethrowup”

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I think we can all agree that the intimate details of a throwup session is never a good idea on social media.

But can we agree on the other, perhaps less-offensive but equally-obnoxious, activity that many brands currently entertain on their social feeds?

Here are 7 things your brand should cease from doing (immediately) on social media:

1. Posting too frequently.

Though I liked you enough to follow you, I don’t like you enough to read 4 tweets and one blog per day. That is, not unless you’re giving out free cash or a cruise to the Caribbean with Lebron James.

In other words, don’t be Chipotle.

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2. #Too #many #hashtags

Don’t take it from me. Take it from JT!

3. Auto DM’s.

Though they were extremely popular a few years ago, Auto DM’s have become overused and massively abused. If you’ve done this in the past, double check to make sure your auto DM app is turned off!

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4. Speaking in third person.

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I can see your brand name right there with your profile pic. No need to mention it again in your update or tweet.

5. Pretending your company announcements are social media.

Your company news is media. It’s not social and it’s often boring. This is not what your social media audience wants to hear. Don’t use social as your PR outlet. Make it a priority to always put your audience first when it comes to deciding what content to post.

Try interacting like Taco Bell.

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6. Pointless posting.

One of the more incredible paradigm shifts social media has created is education-based marketing. Never post just to post. If you’re hesitant about posting something, take Seth Godin’s advice and make sure to ask yourself this question first. Is my content interesting, relevant and useful? Take advantage of direct communication and begin helping people.

And if you don’t know where to start with this, try BufferApp.com.

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7. Boring updates.

Nobody wants to listen to or buy from a robot. Don’t let your customer service end at your store. Get some personality. Be personable. Take another cue from Taco Bell.

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So, for the sake of your company and the social universe, let’s all agree on at least these seven things.

Commit to giving a bit more time and attention to your social media and take advantage of the unparalleled opportunity to build a deeper connection between your audience and your brand.  Your customer’s experience with your company on social media should always be consistent with your brand.  This takes a lot of strategy and planning.

Want to learn how to approach user experience design?  Check out this interview with our lead UX Designer.

If you’d like some more practical tips on how to do social better as brand, check out our 5 Critical Social Media Guidelines for Your Brand.


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