How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse at the Wine Shop

Severe uncertainty would be a good way to describe the way I feel everytime I walk into my local wine shop. Why? Because, despite routinely asking for recommendations, I often walk away with a wine that I’m sure tastes good to someone in the world, but likely not me.

“Red. Light? Fruity? No, maybe not fruity?” With this being my common description of what I like in a wine, it’s obviously not anyone’s fault but mine that I walk away disappointed. The truth is: I don’t know what I like in a wine, or at least I never remember.

A personal crisis, I know. But it was that crisis that made the chance to partner with a team out of San Jose and a legendary Napa wine family to build Wine with Friends, a choice we couldn’t pass on.

The Wine with Friends mobile app has changed my wine shop experience, along with thousands of other’s – gradually removing all (or almost all) buyer’s remorse. It helps users discover what it is they like about the wines they enjoy, create their own flavor preferences profile, and offers suggestions on new wines to try.

How? The Flavor Wheel.

Did you know that seeing pictures of different kinds of food makes it easier to taste and identify individual flavors? Well, it does! This is the magic behind our wine flavor wheel.

We packed the wheel full of common aromas and tastes identified in wine varietals. Sip from your favorite wine in one hand and spin the wheel in the other to help you identify the flavors your tasting. Once you do, simply save them for the next time you want to stop at the wine shop on the way home from work and walk away with a wine you’ll actually enjoy drinking.

And it’s more than just the flavor wheel. Here are some of the other features that Wine with Friends brings to your fingertips:

  • Attend and host virtual tastings with friends
  • Share wine, tasting notes, and photos
  • Get recommendations on more wine that fit your flavor profile
  • Follow winery recommendations

…and a bunch more

So, the next time you find yourself sounding like a complete amatuer trying to explain what kind of wine you want, have no fear. Wine with Friends is here.

Interested in the Wine with Friends app?  Learn more about the science behind the flavor wheel and how the Wine with Friends creation came about.   


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