How We Helped Violette Threads Grow Revenue by 500% in One Year

Violette Field Threads is a client that we have partnered with. They sell downloadable sewing patterns in a variety of clothing sizes, including children, baby, and tween. This is a fully digital product so the margins on each sale are incredible.

Before we started working together, they had a Magento store. They had done a tremendous job creating a large social following that was highly engaged through a closed Facebook group. This invite-only group created a passionate following. In this niche market (which is actually surprisingly large), Violette Field Threads is one of the top brands.

However, they had a significant challenge to scale their business. While they had an incredible following, they did not know how to scale past their closed Facebook group. This was not their expertise. Their expertise was creating stunning clothing patterns and interacting with their already dedicated audience.

That’s where we came in.

We asked ourselves this question:

“How can we 10X their business within 2 years?”

They had a healthy existing business, but needed something new in order to grow substantially and reach the next level for their brand.

To do this, we needed to influence 3 core metrics: quality traffic, conversion rate, and AOV.

Step 1: Conversion Rate

The first step was to design a new store experience to better communicate their brand and to increase conversion rate. Their previous store was poorly designed, hard to update, and it did not communicate their brand or convert well.

Step 2: Quality Traffic

In conjunction with designing a new store for them on Shopify, we put focused effort into creating a strong promotional calendar and developing an effective email strategy.

We then focused on implementing the new promo calendar and executing paid advertising. This gave them a disciplined way to not only convert their existing audience, but also attract new customers to engage with their brand and make a purchase. These targeted offers did not discount the brand, but was a strategic method for them to communicate with and convert their audience along with potential new customers.

Our paid marketing was focused primarily on social through Facebook and Instagram, and secondarily on Adwords.

In conjunction with the promotional calendar, we also developed an effective email strategy for them. This was focused on bringing their current customers and followers back to make additional purchases. They had a massive customer list, but they weren’t leveraging it or being intentional with how to use it. This went hand-in-hand with their promotional calendar.

Step 3: AOV

Finally, to increase their AOV, we implemented a bundling strategy. Their audience is highly price sensitive. The products are very low cost (averaging less than $11 per pattern), so increasing AOV presented a challenge. Raising prices was not an option, but through bundling we were able to offer customers a great deal while increasing the value of each purchase.

With these combined strategies, Violette Field Threads saw 500% growth within one year. We are continuing to push this partner’s success upward with ongoing email analysis, improved site experience, and promotional testing.


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