How to Improve Conversions Using a Mix of Art and Science

There is no magic bullet that will transform your website into a money-making machine.

Success doesn’t happen overnight.

If you think a beautiful website is all you need to be successful, you’re wrong. If you think a metrics-driven site is all you need to be successful, you’re also wrong.

Great websites that convert are a balanced mix of art and science.

Most users don’t even realize how pretty or functional a great website is. It just fits seamlessly into their lives. It feels natural.

But developing a well-designed website that works perfectly and intuitively for the user is a complex process that balances form and function.

The Artistic Element

A successful website has a distinct personality that reinforces your brand and connects with your audience.

Your personality needs to shine through in your design. This helps your company make the leap from brand awareness to brand engagement.

People won’t just know your brand. They’ll love your brand. They’ll be passionate about your brand. And they’ll become loyal to your brand.

You can’t accomplish this by slapping your logo on an out-of-the-box template. Your site may function just fine, but it won’t create a bond between your brand and your audience.

The Scientific Element

The science of a website isn’t obvious to the end user. That’s because the science happens under the hood.

Look at how tools like Square have revolutionized credit card payments. For decades, the credit card industry used the same science to process payments. The technology was so old, but it was hard to replace.

Along came Square, which invested hundreds of millions of dollars to create a simpler, easier user experience. It’s the science behind the scenes that makes this incredible user experience possible.

The point here is that it takes a lot of science to make a website beautiful and useful. Science is essential if you want your site to convert and squash the competition.

A lot of stuff is going on behind the scenes when a visitor enters an email address into a form and clicks “submit.” Because that science isn’t seen or understood by most people, it seems like magic.

But it’s not magic.

It’s science.

And when science looks like magic due to your innovative, artistic, brand-centric design, well…then you’ve got yourself a winner.


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