The Metacake Mission Explained

Our mission at Metacake is simple: to create experiences that matter to grow businesses that matter.

Experiences That Matter

What do we mean by experiences that matter? We mean experiences that truly impact businesses, their customers, or the world. Experiences that are high quality, that create an emotional connection with their audience, and that drive the business forward.

Brands That Matter

And what do we mean by businesses that matter? We mean businesses that are run with passion, that are focused on quality, progress, and growth. Companies with goals beyond making a quick dollar, that want to create something innovative, that changes or revolutionizes their industry, that has an impact, big or small. We mean companies with a soul.

When you boil it all down, all good companies have a reason…a why. This is their brand (or their soul, if you will).

Growing great businesses and great brands is our passion. And we do that through creating interesting and effective brand experiences that truly impact businesses. Our mission is to help great businesses grow in healthy and quantifiable ways using branding (or storytelling), experience design, conversion-focused marketing, and technology.

The Importance of Meaningful Brand Experience

So much goes into creating meaningful brand experiences. A business must know their brand inside and out, and know their customers intimately: what they like, their routines, their passions and their pain points. Once they know this, they can begin to figure out how best to interact with their customers using technology, messaging, and design. Then comes the wordsmithing, the cleverness and creativity to define their voice.

Packaging all this together is no easy feat. But when it all does come together and you are able to create a perfect little experience that really touches your target customers’ emotions, their pain points and makes them take action…well, that is the holy grail. That is what really makes us geek out… And that is what we work for.

We are not a design team or a technology team or a marketing team.

We are a business growth team.

Everything we do is rooted in the desire to promote healthy growth.

Business Experts

An agency (or un-agency) must not only be great at sales and marketing, technology and design. It must understand how to run a business and what sets a business apart from others. This is where we thrive.

We know how to create successful businesses and we know the key role that brand plays in this. You can do all of the above technically right, following best practices and even innovating along the way… But if you lack a great brand, you won’t succeed. Period.

A successful business is not solely about conversion. It’s also about connection. You must connect emotionally and convert. And the way you connect is through brand (well, a stellar brand and accompanying stellar brand-centric experiences).

Your brand is your key success factor. It is the unquantifiable thing that makes your business different. It’s what creates loyal customers that come back again and again. It’s what defines your business, and ultimately determines whether you’ll thrive or die against the competition.


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