NOW HIRING: Full-Stack Developer / Genius

Over the past three years, not only has our team at Metacake tripled, but we’ve somehow managed to recruit world-class craftsmen that happen to be some of the most fantastic people on earth.


There’s something missing – or rather, someone missing.

If you’ve seen them or happen to be them, please notify us immediately!


Metacake is currently looking for a versatile full-stack web developer/engineer to join our team. If you are a skilled and experienced developer who is proud of your work and looking for a challenge, come work with us! We’re looking for a developer that is passionate about delivering the best possible product – coding designs to pixel perfection. With many creations in the works at all times, our newest developer needs to be highly skilled, disciplined, entrepreneurial, and comfortable in a fast paced environment. It’s not unusual for our developers to have to work on a 3-4 different projects on any given day. It’s also important that our next developer be highly skilled in core competencies, but driven to explore and learn new technologies.

We are looking to start out our next developer on a project contract basis, but would like to bring someone on full-time within the next 6 months. This position can be remote for the right candidate.

Required Superpowers:

  • Bachelor’s degree required or equivalent combination of education and experience. Preferably in related field: Computer Science, Computer Science Engineering/ Software Engineering
  • 1-3 years of experience managing web/digital/technical projects (or related experience) is preferred
  • Skilled and Experienced in Front-End Design execution
  • Extensive JS/HTML/CSS experience in the latest frameworks and technologies
  • Fluent in Bootstrap and responsive execution
  • Fluent in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
  • Fluent in CSS(3) and HTML5
  • Basic knowledge of Linux server and DNS management
  • Background in implementing major UI’s/UI components
  • Experienced in architectural and data modeling for high-traffic systems

Additional Desired Superpowers:

  • Experience with a variety of backend languages including Node.JS, Python, Ruby
  • Experience with Angular.JS, Express.JS, Ruby on Rails
  • Experience with various application stacks (LAMP, MEAN, etc.)
  • Experience in Mobile technologies (Obj-C, Titanium)

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About Metacake

We are a digital bakery. What’s that? Well, just to be clear, we don’t actually bake anything in the traditional sense. We create unforgettable digital experiences that not only look great, but function excellently. We value beautiful design, but just as with any perfectly crafted cake, there’s a lot more that goes into it than just some icing and a cherry on top. At Metacake, we know that no matter how delicious a creation looks on the outside, without a scientifically constructed approach and quality code, a product’s success is limited. So, we handcraft every digital product with our unique ingredients. With the perfect mix of creative brand development, meticulous user experience design, pixel perfect front-end development, flawless backend login, a scalable data architecture, and stellar client service, we make sure our digital creations “taste” even better than they look.

Metacake core services are in conceiving, scoping, designing, implementing and launching digital products, and creating creative engagement campaigns to let the world know about them. Our talented team works hard to create value for our partners and great experiences for users and customers.

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