Tips For Creating Successful Videos For Facebook Live

Right now, Facebook is putting a lot of emphasis on Facebook Live. Sure, other social media sites offer the ability to do live videos as well, but Facebook is the one with the largest audience.

What does this mean of you as a business owner? Well, since Facebook is placing so much emphasis on promoting Facebook Live, we recommend you seriously consider adding it to your mix of marketing.

Why is live video so powerful?

Live is exciting. Live is raw. Live is authentic.

Sure, brands can plan a lot in advance for their live videos (and they should), but in the end, once the camera is rolling, you never know exactly what is going to happen…and this is a powerful way to create a relationship with your customers.

With live video, you are being transparent with your audience, and this builds trust. Most interactions users have with brands are surface level, only interacting with perfectly planned and manicured ads and websites…live video adds a more human element and shows a level of vulnerability on the part of the brand.

Ways to use live video

There are many scenarios in which live video can be useful. Here are a few times that we have seen Facebook Live be effective:

  • Behind the scenes / an insider look
  • Event broadcasting
  • New product teaser/sneak peak
  • Directly engage customers in a Q&A session
  • Interviews with team members
  • Supplement to blog content

Tips for a successful Facebook Live campaign

Focus on Content

Just because this video is live, it does not mean that the content is less important or can be taken lightly. It’s important to note that, unlike some other live video tools, your Facebook live videos are immediately archived and available for users to also watch after the fact. So when planning your Facebook Live strategy, keep this in mind, and plan content that will create lasting value for your customers and that is in line with your brand personality and voice.

Also, where possible, be personal. Address your audience, specific people watching live, directly in your videos. This won’t make sense for every video, but is very powerful when used.

Err on the Side of Caution

Facebook Live’s greatest advantage is the same as it’s greatest risk: it’s live. And while live video is a great way to build an emotional connection with our audience and show your transparency and vulnerability, it also leaves you…well…vulnerable. You can make huge mistakes that can destroy your brand image and create massive problems for your business if you’re not careful…so don’t enter into a live video haphazardly. Which leads us to our next tip…

Plan & Practice

The first step of planning is ensuring that your Facebook Live strategy is in line with your overall marketing strategy. With this intention in mind, plan out a series of live posts, outline each one, and practice in advance. It may seem simple to open up Facebook Live and start talking, but before doing so, you need to not only have the content planned, but also test the sound and lighting to make sure your video is high quality.

We also recommend having a standing calendar where you post the same time each week. This will help your audience become accustomed to your posts and start anticipating them. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use Facebook Live at other times, but posting at the same time each week can help to build momentum.


Before going live, you need to promote your live video to your audience. Write a killer description and call to action, and start telling your audience about it. You may even want to use paid ads to get your users to tune-in.


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