Your Business is More than Your Ecommerce Store (Part 1 of 5)

There’s a big difference between an ecommerce store and an ecommerce business.

An ecommerce store sells products and fulfills orders. Anyone (well…almost anyone) with a bit of research and technical savvy can throw up an ecommerce store with a couple of products and call it a day.

But to build a successful ecommerce business? That’s another story.

Think of the great business successes of our time…Apple, Google, Microsoft…

What do these wildly successful businesses have in common?

  • A great product.
  • An engaging brand.
  • An audience that’s large and loyal enough to support the business.
  • A message that provides value – something different or special – so people actually care about what you have to say.

Obviously, your ecommerce store is an important cog in your ecommerce business machine. If you don’t deliver a fantastic user experience, you won’t have a very engaging brand after all.

But it’s not the only cog.

You need a smart, data-driven marketing strategy that gets people to your ecommerce store in the first place.

You need conversion rate optimization (CRO) to get as many of these people as possible to become customers.

Together these will help you increase the lifetime value of a visitor, build a larger and stronger customer base, and keep customers coming back for more.

Each of these things isn’t complex on its own. But the magic happens when they’re all seamlessly integrated.

When you manage to build an engaging brand, drive people to your store and optimize their experience..that’s when you build the kind of customer loyalty that sustains your ecommerce business for the long haul…

And that is how you become one of the greats.

This series will show you how to take your ecommerce business from okay to awesome.

We’ll explain:

  • How to improve your onsite experience
  • How to make sure your brand shines through in your ecommerce business
  • How to develop a marketing strategy that works
  • What it takes to convert visitors into customers
  • How to keep customers happy, coming back, and telling the world about their experiences


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