7 Tips for Ecommerce Marketing Success: Tip 2

Brand first.

The next marketing fundamentals tip is brand first

Wait! I thought product was first…Well, it is. But brand is also first.

OK, we understand that technically both product and brand can’t be first. But just go with it. The point is your brand is SUPER important.

You need to develop a brand that has meaning and represents your product well. One that has a strong and consistent core message. One that has defined customers and, provides value to those customers. Link to brand definition article

Your brand should be at the center of everything you do. It should trickle down from your leadership team, through all of your employees, and into your product, your marketing messaging, and your customer service.

One company that nails this one on the head is Southwest Airlines. While Southwest is prominently known for its low prices, it is also equally known for its friendliness and excellent customer care.

Every interaction you have with Southwest is consistent, weather on their website, with a flight attendant, or through social media. They are fun, lively, and full of personality…and will always make the effort to make your experience as good as possible.

Ever had a Southwest flight attendant sing at the end of a flight? So have we…on multiple occasions.

Ever have a bad flight? Reach out to them on twitter and they’ll get back to you right away to make it right.

Just take a look at their website or their brand posters as you walk down the jet way. Their brand voice is always playful and shows that they care.


NOTE: Southwest’s brand voice works perfectly for them. But it is not your brand voice. Be unique and different. Just make sure to maintain consistency throughout your entire organization and every customer touch point.

Tip #3 coming tomorrow!

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