Derived from the words “Pure Air”, Purar Face Mask is designed to enable everyone to breathe cleaner air. The highly functional face mask which is FFP2 and KN95 certified is innovatively designed in Germany, made with comfort, style and superior fit in mind.

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What We Did:

Metacake assisted the Purar team in developing a clear growth plan to reach specific goals through strategic coaching, campaign feedback, and data analysis. The main focus areas included:
-Marketing strategy and activities
-Brand discovery
-Go-to-market strategy
-Positioning and pricing strategy
-Email marketing strategy
-Competitor analysis

Why Metacake?

At Metacake, we are data-driven and multidisciplinary. Our unique approach to customer-centered experience design coupled with the ability to track and refine our products allows us to create brands, products, and campaigns that are extremely successful. We believe in growing brands that matter and in doing so based on analytics, not instinct (although we have a good sense about that too).