Sadly, many companies’ email newsletter examples have little more appeal than the cubicles they’re written in. They’re predictable, boring, and repetitive.

We empathize with these newsletter writers. We know how easy it can be to fill the periodic mass email with reposted blogs and poorly formatted announcements.

However, if given the necessary time and attention, an email newsletter can still be the tool for creating, keeping, and engaging your brand advocates. This is especially true for ecommerce newsletters, where creative examples can really captivate subscribers.

So, in honor of that cubicle-bound newsletter writer repurposing other content to meet their email quota, here are a few ways to spice up your ecommerce newsletter. These simple tips will probably seem obvious, but they’re often forgotten or overlooked in the rush to get the next email newsletter out.


1. Make Your Subject Lines Sing

When writing your next subject line, remember these three rules:

Clarity Over Creativity

Though creative writing is a gift, statistics say it has no place in subject lines. On average, clear subject lines perform over 500% better than creative ones.

The best ecommerce newsletter examples have to-the-point subject lines.

30–50 Characters

ActiveCampaign says the ideal ecommerce newsletter examples have subject lines of 30–50 characters (or four to seven words). Keep your ecommerce newsletter subject lines concise.

Convey Action

Use action verbs to inspire people to, well, take action!

Users are much more likely to respond to calls to action, like “Preorder Your New iPhone Before it Sells Out!” or “Save 25% This Week on Clearance,” than subject lines that lack direct CTAs, like “The New iPhone is Here” or “Clearance Sale.” The most engaging ecommerce newsletter examples have action-oriented subject lines.

2. Choose a Beautiful Yet Useable Layout

Using the same default layout and design can get boring, and you’ll likely see less engagement in the long run.

Stop playing the same predictable game. Change the layout occasionally, but continue to follow these guidelines. The best ecommerce newsletter examples are both visually appealing and user-friendly.

3. Get to the Point Quickly

The average reader skims a newsletter for only 51 seconds. Getting to the point is critical for ecommerce newsletter examples that drive sales.

4. Make the Most Important Content Pop

Create a visual hierarchy. Important content should draw attention first, and less essential details should attract less attention. Compelling ecommerce newsletter examples make key content and CTAs stand out.

5. Let the Content Inform the Layout

Tailor your email’s layout to the content.

This is one of many reasons a standard email template doesn’t work. Your content will vary occasionally, so your layout must also vary. The layout of top-notch ecommerce newsletter examples flows with the content, not against it.

6. Get Creative

These usability guidelines shouldn’t limit creativity. Make your newsletter fun, engaging, and effective in getting its point across. Think outside the box with your ecommerce newsletter examples.

7. Ask and Listen

No one knows what your subscribers want more than your subscribers themselves. So, ask them.

How do they like the frequency of your emails? Do they like the design? Do they like the content? Would they be up for a new feature? What do they want less of? What do they want more of?

Use these tools to collect the subscriber feedback you need to guide your ecommerce newsletter strategy:

  • Facebook Polls
  • Survey Monkey (a free, easy survey-building tool you can use to create a quick questionnaire to send to your audience)

8. Look Good In Your Audience’s Hand

Eighty-one percent of emails are opened on a mobile device. Go responsive or lose a good portion of your readers to a shoddy mobile experience. The best ecommerce newsletter examples are mobile-optimized.


Ecommerce Newsletter Examples: Final Thoughts

If your email newsletters have lost their luster, it’s never too late to revive them. Learn from top ecommerce newsletter examples to revamp your email marketing.

Write good subject lines. Make them pretty, useful, and mobile. Sprinkle in some creativity, and watch your engagement and conversion rates come alive.


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