Hiring an Intern for Your Ecommerce Store? Start Here

If you’re looking to hire an intern, or any other entry level position, for your ecommerce store, there are a few things you should make sure to have set up first.

Successful ecommerce is about having a great product and a great brand. On top of that you must be delivering a high quality customer experience to create a loyal audience that keeps coming back.

This involves a great level of strategy and planning. It takes a great deal of focus and care. It takes skill and experience. And it takes passion.

Hiring someone new to come in to manage even a part of this process can be a frightening prospect…especially if you are a founder and this is the first time you’re letting someone else inexperienced in to help run your ecommerce machine.

So what can you delegate?

Here’s our advice:

1. Make sure your vision and strategy is set.

This doesn’t mean having your own vision clear in your own head, but rather making sure that it is documented and can be easily communicated to your entire team, including newcomers.

2. Define a framework.

With a new and inexperienced hire coming it, it is important that all roles and processes well-defined so that interns know where to turn if they have have questions.

3. Define clear objectives and goals for the new role.

The worst thing to do, both for the intern and your business, is to hire someone new without a clear objective for their position. This doesn’t come down to specific tasks (although that comes next), but rather what the end goal of this hire is. Why did you hire someone for this position? What metrics are you looking to improve? What processes are you facilitating?

This not only helps the intern have a sense of purpose and responsibility, but also will ensure that the new hire is productive for your business.

4. Define specific tasks for the new role.

Now we get into specific tasks. These tasks should be things that the new hire can do starting on day 1, but also things that can grow and develop over time into larger responsibilities.

5. Select an experienced mentor.

Make sure to set up an experienced mentor for your new hire, someone to oversee the intern’s tasks but also to provide feedback and be available for questions of all types.

Candidate Selection

As far as vetting new candidates that are inexperienced goes, the key in this situation is trust and confidence. Basic skills to help run an ecommerce store can be taught, from customer service to managing store products or executing social media campaigns. Additional skills will be specific to your desired place for the intern or new hire, but in general, hiring someone that you trust is paramount, especially if your company is in its early stages.

If you do all of the above, you should be able to rest easy with your new hire.

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