Lenox Corporation, a long-standing luxury glassware company, came to us with a common dilemma. They built a successful business online with a website getting plenty of traffic. However, only a small fraction of their site visitors were converting.

As we lifted the hood on Lenox’s site, we discovered they shared the same key problems most of our previous clients had with conversion.

So we went to work.

With the help of the following simple user-interface tweaks, we were able to boost Lenox’s conversion by 24% and increase their ecommerce sales by 15% in less than six months.

Here’s an inside look into how we made it happen.



Increase Your Ecommerce Sales in Three Easy Steps

1. Simplify Design and Language

We started by simplifying.

We evaluated the elements of each page in the checkout process and cut everything that wasn’t necessary to make a purchase.

This involved removing:

  • The main menu bar for navigation
  • Additional product upsells
before-and-after-images 1

2. Shorten Purchasing Process

The average online consumer’s patience for load times and data entry is less than eight seconds. Understanding our tendencies toward impatience, we lowered user friction by cutting a six-step/five-page checkout process to a perceived three-step/one-page experience.

before-and-after-images 2

3. Focus on Action

Once we removed all distractions and shortened the process, it became all about visual priority whatever grabs a visitor’s attention first.

We needed to guide the user to what we wanted them to do next without them knowing it. We redesigned every page of the purchasing experience to point to ONE call to action per page.

This involved:

  • Designing bright, colorful CTA buttons.
  • Being specific in the CTA copy. We replaced generic “next step” copy with more actionable and specific wording informing the user what the next step was (i.e., “proceed to payment details”).
  • Removing secondary calls to action. This included upsells, mailing list sign-ups, etc. We needed to make sure all checkout buttons were prominent.
  • Creating lightbox pop-ups for support links and FAQs to keep the customer on the page and on track to purchase.
before-and-after-images 4

The project was a raving success, and it goes to show that being intentional about the small things can have a strong collective impact on your project — including increasing ecommerce sales by a significant margin.

Increase Your Ecommerce Sales by 15% Instantly: Final Thoughts

Now it’s your turn. As a consumer, you know which part of the purchasing experience you hate the most. Take the time to get back to basics and make conversion a positive experience for your customers. When your ecommerce sales increase by 15% and beyond, you’ll thank us.

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