Why It May Be Time To Rethink Your Marketing Team’s Structure

What makes a successful marketing team?

A successful marketing team needs to be many things. It needs to be holistic, multi-disciplinary, multi-channel, strategic, talented, and highly experienced.

You need experts in business strategy, brand, technology, user experience, design, communication, analytics, and of course marketing across various channels.

The team also needs to be cohesive and be able to see the big picture, how all of the different marketing channels connect, in addition to being excellent practitioners in their areas of expertise.

It’s not easy to build a team like this in-house. In fact, it’s practically impossible. It’s hard to find the right talent and it’s hard to find a qualified person to lead the team once you assemble it. And it’s very expensive, especially to find experienced people, which is absolutely key. You can teach many things, but a certain level of understanding only comes with experience…and you pay (a lot) for this.

Should you look at an outside team?


Diversity of Talent & Cost Savings

With an outside team, you can get this broad range of talent and deep experience at a fraction of the cost of building out your own team…usually at the cost of just 1-2 full time employees.

At Metacake, we built out our team as a growth team. We focus on understanding your business and your strategy in order to identify the best path forward to grow your brand and your business and then execute. That execution goes well beyond marketing, including brand development, in-depth analytics, and technology development (whether your business involve a website, ecommerce store, app, or just physical channels).

We also have a very entrepreneurial culture, which larger companies can greatly benefit from. Outside teams, like ours, are up with the latest trends and tools and are able to quickly adapt and change directions where necessary.



One major con cited when working with outside teams is difficulty in communication. Outside teams are not in your office day in and day out, so you can’t just shout across the office or walk over to their desks when you have a question. There are tons of tools in place to improve communication and quick responses with outside and/or remote teams, but make sure this is a priority for any outside team that you consider working with.


Passion can be difficult to find, even within your own team. But this is even more of a concern when it comes to hiring an outside team. You want to outsource to someone that cares about your business, someone that will be a true partner and wants to see you grow. Look for a passionate team that is excited about your brand and make sure to align you incentives with theirs.

At Metacake, we are passionate about helping great brands succeed. We get excited seeing a brand grow over time and exceed expectations. If you are passionate about your product and your brand, that makes us passionate about your product as well, and excited to work with you.

The Verdict

Why not outsource some of your growth effort, so that you can focus more on your product or service and making your customers really really happy?

If you can find the right team, then working with an outside team can be highly beneficial, leading to accelerated growth at a fraction of the cost of building out your own team.


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