7 Tips for Ecommerce Marketing Success: Tip 7

Make it shareable

What is our final marketing tip this week?

Make it shareable.

Shareable promotions are key for ecommerce.

Think of it this way… you run a campaign or special promotion that your audience is crazy about. If you make it easy and intuitive for them to share with their friends, they might!

If it’s not easy to share, then won’t… even if they had the initial inclination to tell their friends about it.

Let’s face it. Humans are lazy.

So make the most out of your campaign spend. Make sharing easy and amplify your marketing efforts.

Look at what Jet Blue did with their Bus-Shelter Ads.

They actually encouraged people to steal these huge ads from bus stations in order to get free flights.


You don’t have to go this far, but … you get the picture.

Be memorable and make it easy for your audience to share your promotions.


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