Shopify spent years tinkering away at Shopify Plus. It officially launched in 2016 and took off like gangbusters.

Shopify created Shopify Plus to address the lack of turnkey ecommerce solutions for enterprises. SMEs had hundreds of cloud-based plug-and-play ecommerce platforms to choose from, but large-scale enterprises with high customization needs were left with costly, homegrown ecommerce solutions.

Shopify Plus changed all that. Shopify took the easy-to-use, scalable, and secure solution they created for SMEs and injected it with the customization enterprises rely on.

Now, there are a few cloud-based enterprise platforms out there, but Shopify Plus remains the market leader. In this Shopify Plus review, we’ll explore the key details that set Spotify Plus apart from its competition.

Shopify Plus Review: Pricing

Shopify Plus starts at $2,500 per month and increases depending on your store’s volume.

This is a great leap up from other Shopify plans, but it’s extremely affordable compared to other enterprise ecommerce solutions out there (especially when you consider all the costs required to run your own custom ecommerce platform).


Shopify Plus Review: Key Features

Here are a few key features we’d be remiss not to highlight in this Shopify Plus review:

Dedicated Platform Resources

With a typical Shopify plan, you share server resources. Shopify Plus plans come with dedicated server resources.

Dedicated server resources let you scale your store without worrying about bandwidth or outages. Black Friday and Cyber Monday no longer need to be days of high stress and fear. Shopify Plus eliminates all your scalability concerns.

Dedicated People Resources

One crucial benefit we want to highlight in this Shopify Plus review is Shopify Plus’s dedicated human support.

When you sign up for Shopify Plus, you’re assigned a launch manager to help with your store’s setup and migration. After you launch, you transition to a dedicated customer success manager who advises you on how best to grow your store.

This level of personalized support equips you with the guidance your store needs to thrive.

Customization (Even at Checkout!)

With regular Shopify, there’s a lot you can do… but there’s also a lot you can’t do. Checkout customization, for example, is very limited. You can only customize the basic styles.

But with Shopify Plus, you can execute more complicated store experiences on the front end and deeper integrations on the back end. As for checkout? With Shopify Plus, you can customize it almost completely through cart scripts.

Workflows and Automations

Shopify Plus’s enterprise-level features also include powerful workflows and automation capabilities, which make your store’s management seamless and easy. These tools allow you to streamline repetitive tasks, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

For example, you can set up automated customer segmentation based on purchase history or behavior, enabling targeted marketing campaigns. You can also automate inventory management, ensuring that your stock levels are always up-to-date and synchronized across multiple channels.

Multiple Storefronts

The price of Shopify Plus includes multiple storefronts. That means you can set up your Shopify store across different domains as needed. Most clients use this for international storefronts or multilingual sites.

Additional Payment Providers and Integrations

Shopify integrates with several payment gateways, but if you’re an enterprise-level store and need a specific payment processor, it may not be available.

Shopify Plus integrates with over 100 payment providers, so you’re sure to find a system that meets your needs.


Shopify Plus Review: The Verdict

Although Shopify Plus’s price tag may seem high, it’s nothing compared to the other enterprise ecommerce solutions on the market today. If you’re a high-growth or long-standing brand earning $300k per month or more, you’ll likely save money by making the switch.

Not only will it pay for itself, but it’ll also allow you to be more agile. Shopify Plus gives you the stability, scalability, and customization your business needs to succeed. It’s also the best marketing platform out there, in our humble opinion.

To summarize this Shopify Plus review, it delivers on its promises and is an excellent choice for enterprises looking for a powerful, flexible ecommerce solution.


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