The Ultimate Shopify Plus Unbiased Review

When and why was Shopify Plus created?

Shopify has been working on Shopify Plus for some time, rolling it out slowly. It was officially launched in 2016 and has taken off like gangbusters.

It was created to deal with the lack of a turn key ecommerce solution for enterprises. There are plenty of cloud-based plug and play ecommerce platforms out there for SMEs, but enterprises were left to costly homegrown custom ecommerce solutions due to their high customization needs and large scale. Shopify Plus changed all that.

They took the easy to use, scalable, and secure solution they created for SMEs and layered on top the customization that enterprises need in their ecommerce stores.

While now there are a few cloud-based enterprise platforms out there, Shopify Plus pioneered this space and is the market leader.

How much does Shopify Plus cost?

Shopify Plus starts at $2,000 per month and goes up from there depending on your store volume.

While this is a great leap up from the other Shopify plans, it is incredibly affordable compared to other enterprise ecommerce solutions, especially when you take into account all of the human resource costs required to run your own custom ecommerce platform.

What are the new key features of Shopify Plus?

We like to say that almost anything is possible with Shopify Plus, so it really depends on what you want to do with your store…but here are a few features that we think it’s important to highlight.

Dedicated Platform Resources

On typical Shopify plans, you are sharing server resources. Shopify Plus plans on the other hand come with dedicated server resources which means you no longer need cheap dedicated server hosting. This gives you the ability to scale your store quickly without worrying about bandwidth limits or outages. Black Friday and Cyber Monday no longer need to be days of high stress and fear. Shopify Plus has all of your scalability concerns covered.

Dedicated People Resources

With Shopify Plus, you also receive dedicated support in the form of people resources. When you first sign up, you are assigned a launch manager to help you in the set up and migration of your store. Once you launch, you transition to a customer success manager who is there to help you and provide advice on how to best grow your store.

Customization Even Throughout the Checkout

On regular Shopify, there is a lot that you can do…but there is also a lot that you can’t do. And when it comes to the checkout, the ability to customize is very limited. You are only able to customize the basic styles in the checkout. With Shopify Plus, on the other hand, you have the ability to execute more complicated store experiences on the front end as well as deeper integrations with on the back end. As for the checkout? With Shopify Plus, you can customize it almost completely through cart scripts without losing any of the scalability or security that you expect from Shopify.

Workflows and Automations

Shopify Plus’ enterprise level features also include workflows and automations that make the management of your store seamless and easy.

Wholesale Store

It also includes a wholesale store with any Shopify Plus store which is key for most enterprise level stores.

Multiple Storefronts

Each Shopify Plus account also comes with multiple storefronts included in the price. That means that you can set up different instances of your Shopify store across different domains as needed. Most clients use this for international store fronts or multilingual sites.

Additional Payment Providers and Integrations

Shopify integrates with several payment gateways, but if you are an enterprise level store and need to use a very specific payment processor, it may not be on there. Shopify Plus integrates with over 100 payment providers so that you are sure to find system that meets your needs.

What is the verdict on Shopify Plus?

Although the price tag may seem high compared to Shopify, it is a small price to pay for enterprise level brands, compared to the alternatives. If you’re high-growth brand on track to do 300k per month or more in revenue, or a long standing brand doing this level of business or more, you are likely to actually save money by making the switch.

Not only will it pay for itself, but it will allow you to be much more agile going forward. With Shopify Plus, you get the stability and scalability that you need plus incredible customizability. It is also the best marketing platform out there in our opinion.

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