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10+ Hours of Training for a Record-Breaking Year in Ecommerce

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Are you just “throwing promotions at the wall” to see what sticks… or are you running the same ones over and over?
  • Is your business up and down? Are you unsure how effective your sales will be?
  • Are you struggling to get visitors to purchase?
  • Is it a chaotic mess every time you run a major sale?
  • Are you sending too many emails? Not enough? Not sure?
  • Are you making the most out of every marketing dollar spent?
  • Are you launching at the right time, using the right discounts?
  • Any of this sound familiar? Maybe you’re going through it RIGHT NOW!

Well, there is an answer. There are systems that alleviate most of these problems. You’ll learn those systems in this course. And you can implement each system immediately, whether you have a massive ecommerce channel or you’re just starting out.

$2,995 $497

Only $497
(Regularly $2,995)

only 3 spots left

It’s no secret that ecommerce soared to new heights in 2020 and has only continued to grow in 2021. But if you’re a direct-to-consumer business looking to grow AND stick around for the long haul, you need systems and processes in place for generating consistent revenue all year long.

That’s why we’re offering exclusive, instant access to the replay of our 6-week training designed to equip your ecommerce business with the systems required for executing a winning promotional strategy.

With over ten hours of webinars, Q&A, and additional bonus resources from a team of ecommerce experts, brands of all sizes will find incredible value in this training.

Only $497
(Regularly $2,995)

only 3 spots left

Metacake’s Live Training Schedule

Stressful marketing

Learn How to Run Successful Promotions & Sales, Any Time of Year

Since 2020’s ecommerce boom, retail has changed. There is now more opportunity online than ever before. Are you doing everything you can to take advantage of that potential for increasing your customer base and your revenue each quarter?

Each fall, our team of longtime ecommerce experts put on the Ecommerce Bootcamp— 6 weeks of live training for ecommerce brands looking to follow our system for success with every event on their DTC channel. 

Participants learn step-by-step strategies to get the most out of promotional periods while also keeping them as organized and stress-free as possible.

Now, we’re making ALL of these trainings, Q&A sessions, and bonus resources available for YOU. 

It’s never too late to get your marketing plans in order for the rest of the year. Get started with Bootcamp and feel confident you’re getting your promotions right!

What Bootcamp Participants Are Saying...

“I absolutely loved the Ecommerce Bootcamp we went through with Metcake. The insight Ken and his team bring and the tools they share are very impactful. We learned a lot about what it means to intentionally grow our brand, from a strategic level all the way down to the details. And they taught about more than just what deals to run for Black Friday; they’ll teach you how to look at everything through the lens of proper branding and messaging for your business. We’ll be applying what we learned not only for Q4, but for the long term as well!”

– Adam, Founder of Freedom Co.


“Ecommerce Bootcamp has given me the confidence that I was doing the right things for my brand, I just needed to go all in. It really helped me narrow my focus to what is most important for taking my business to the next level. If you’re paying attention and writing down half the things you should be, you will EASILY get back what you paid for. No brainer.”

– Chad, Founder of Cravings Gourmet Popcorn

Was it worth it? See what one of our participants had to say…

Only $497
(Regularly $2,995)

only 3 spots left

How You WIN with Promotions Throughout 2021

You need the right offers, with the right systems and processes to carry them out.

It’s that simple. Strategically organizing all business and marketing activities means minimizing chaos.

In this course replay, you will learn the systems required for executing a systematic, successful promotional strategy for your ecommerce store:

  • We’ll show you how to organize and execute marketing efforts across multiple channels, giving you the best opportunity for success.
  • We will also be digging into the best types of offers and promotions to run, as well as the timing we’ve seen work the best.
  • You’ll get to practice the principles and philosophies that have helped some of the fastest-growing brands in the world.
  • Added bonus: This system can be used  for any promotion that you run throughout the year, whether it’s a smaller product launch or a major Black Friday event!
Win at Q4

We want you to be able to take advantage of this opportunity to set up your ecommerce promotions for consistent success in 2021. Because of that, we are offering this course replay at an extreme value.

— Value —
Let the Experts Do It For You: $10,000 per month
Ecommerce Bootcamp LIVE Course: $2,997

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Only $497

only 3 spots left

What’s Included in This 10+ Hour Training?

Below are the modules that will be covered by ecommerce growth experts and marketing experts at Metacake to get you ready to plan and execute your promotions, new releases, and more in 2021.

Session 1: The Secret to Coordinating All Marketing (Without Going Crazy)

Get access to the integrated planner we use to coordinate multi-channel marketing for massive brands and learn how to use it for maximum effectiveness! We’ll explain how this is different than your standard marketing calendar, why it’s critical for success, and what it can do for your promotional campaigns.

Bonus: You’ll also get answers to important questions about the logistics of when each marketing effort should take place during your most important promotions.

Session 2: How to Run Successful Promotions and Sales

Learn the best way to identify your target audience and communicate with them for the best results next time you run a major sale or promotion. We’ll also share what offers are most compelling, how long promos should last, what types of discount codes to use, and more!

Session 3: How to Align Your Website with Your Sale

Is your website in top shape to run your biggest sales of the year? We’ll show you how to align your website with your marketing so that it all functions as a strong, cohesive unit. We will discuss homepage banners, sale notifications, coupon codes, landing pages, and how to schedule these elements in advance. Plus, get additional tips for increasing average order value using upsells throughout the customer journey.

Session 4: How to Make the Most Of Your Paid Ad Campaigns

There is nothing more stressful than managing multiple campaigns across Facebook and Google during an important sale… until you learn from Metacake. We’ll boost your confidence (and your revenue) with training in targeting, messaging, creative, and campaign set up to make sure your ads are a success this year.

Session 5: How to Maximize Your Email Marketing Program

Unlock your email marketing program’s potential with top strategies used to grow businesses from brand new to booming. We’ll walk you through how to share the right messages with different types of customers, the automated sequences that are essential to get running ASAP, best practices for email campaigns during a promo, and more.

Bonus: We’re answering FAQs on all things Black Friday / Cyber Monday emails so you’ll be prepared with the best times to send, best practices for subject lines, etc when that time comes.

Session 6: How to Make an Impact While Selling

We believe in helping grow brands that matter— brands that are in business for more than just a profit, but for making the world a better place as well. Our final module will give our best advice on how to make a positive impact on your customers, community, and employees during a crazy year.

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