“Metacake has become an integral part of our business over the past 3 years. I highly recommend them! Metacake has helped us go from sub-1 million to over 8 figures in just 3 years. We’ve seen 300% growth for the last 3 years in a row, going on number 4. A big part of that has been Metacake. Their experience is second to none and we highly recommend them!”
-Peter Goodwin – CEO of Groovelife.com

“In my 35 years of business I’ve never worked with a better group than Metacake. They have outperformed my expectations at every step and have a genuine desire to do right by their clients. Our projects have been complex but have gone so smoothly which has allowed me to focus on other facets of the business. The difference between working with Metacake and others is that I actually got the value for every dollar that I’ve spent. I can’t say it strongly enough, the Metacake team is really really solid and I’m so fortunate to be working with them. Every one of our calls leaves me exhilarated and motivated to keep reaching our goals. Every time I have the opportunity to work with Metacake, they impress me beyond belief. Metacake is top notch and it’s so rewarding to work with such a capable team. Metacake are the best of the best. If you have the chance to work with them, take it. You won’t regret it.”
-Bob Figular – President – Mariners Learning System

“Metacake really helped us focus our design and supplied the expertise we needed to migrate to Shopify Plus. The team was efficient, professional, and just a pleasure to work with on our aggressive timeline. We look forward to doing more together to drive the growth of our DTC brands. They made it easy for us and I highly recommend them!”
-Laura Van Sickle – Ecommerce Director – Dockers® Shoes / Genesco, Inc.
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“Working with Metacake has been awesome and exactly what we needed. Metacake was instrumental in getting our DTC channel moving forward, which is really exciting for us. This was a very successful project and Metacake has a great team— you guys really delivered!”
-Cesar Gueikian – Brand President – Gibson Brands, Inc.

“Metacake was amazingly helpful. You have truly been great partners.”
Josh Ehern – Global Head of Direct – Gibson Brands, Inc.

“The Metacake team was fantastic to work with on the Tom Brady TB12 Meals Shopify Plus store. They were very professional and brought a ton of ecommerce and Shopify expertise to the table. We had to expedite the project timeline and Metacake was able to respond to help us get launched on time. This was the first store or website project that we’ve ever been involved with that has launched smoothly and gone to plan! We are very happy with the work they did and look forward to doing more together. I highly recommend them!”
-Carter Lewis – Co-Founder – The Good Kitchen

“Brand & design are very important to us. We were looking for an experienced partner that understood our vision and reflected our retail store’s beauty online. Metacake has delivered strategic value, helping improve our store through navigation updates, improved user-flow, out- of-stock notifications & more.”
-Taylor Potter – Director of Ecommerce, The Pioneer Woman

“Metacake did great work for us. They were responsive, fast and conversion focused. I’d definitely recommend working with them.”
-Michael Danner – Vice President Digital Marketing at Dr Axe

“The Metacake team was professional, knowledgeable and fun. They brought a ton of ecommerce expertise to the table during our early startup stage and they worked diligently with our new team, helping us to hit our grand opening launch schedule on-time. I am grateful for their contribution and I certainly recommend them!”
-Rick Fuqua – CIO, Tend Dental / SmileDirectClub

“We have loved working with the Metacake team. They have been great partners in helping us relaunch the Orca store. They bring a ton of experience to the table. They’re accessible, responsive, and have added value every step of the way. Metacake has been an asset to our team and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with them to grow our business.”
-Mike Lewis – Director of Ecommerce – PrideSports / Orca

“Metacake is fantastic. We’ve really enjoyed working with their team and can’t thank them enough for their time, expertise, and knowledge in helping us figure out the right questions we need to be asking. Metacake’s Success Plan has been a really valuable process in helping us set the strategic direction for our ecommerce channel.”
-Cammie McKenzie – President – Brown’s Shoe Fit Co.

“The choice of selecting a vendor to build your website is hard. There are many considerations; cost, time, expertise, and of course the culture fit. While exciting, anyone who has gone through a website build knows how incredibly difficult it can be, and when it goes wrong, how painful it is. That is why I am so grateful to have found Metacake to facilitate the build of Imayla Beauty’s Shopify storefront. The team is professional, has countless experts, they are well organized and kind. In the middle of a pandemic, when every other business choice presented countless challenges, Metacake found a way to make this process straightforward and as simple as possible. Unlike many of the web projects I have been a part of, Imayla looks forward to maintaining a long relationship with Metacake, as we grow and look to conquer new challenges.”
-Derek Mabie – CTO – Imayla Beauty

“Our first project with Metacake has been a great experience from start to finish. Their team brought us experience and insight we could not find anywhere else. We quickly gained peace of mind, knowing we were working with a solid partner. Every step of the way their communication and delivery has been excellent and we look forward to working with them on future projects. Any ecommerce company either starting from scratch or looking to take their online experience to the next level will benefit from partnering with Metacake.”
-Garrick Pohl – Executive Director – Trifecta Ventures / Cubi Market

“Metacake is an accomplished, top-shelf Shopify Plus partner. We were very impressed with the entire Metacake team.”
-Joel Morrow – CMO – Alchemy Bicycles

“The Metacake team exceeded our expectations in getting our new ecommerce store launched. We had a very tight deadline and they never missed a beat. The Cookshack team was in the middle of an ERP implementation so Metacake’s ability to run independently and intelligently allowed us to hit our critical launch date. I highly recommend Metacake and look forward to continuing to work together with them.”
-Stuart Powell – President/CEO at Cookshack, Inc.

“I cannot recommend the Metacake team enough, they brought so much to the table. They listened to us, learned about our brand and our goals, and built a beautiful but highly functional store that perfectly reflects who we are and where we want to go. What would often have been a stressful and drawn out process was very smooth and fun. We are very excited with the end product and look forward to future projects with them.”
-George Brooks – Ecommerce & Product Manager at Banded

“We are so happy that we chose Metacake out of the sea of experts. I was so frustrated with my legacy online store that I tried to build my own shopify store. Quickly I realized I needed help if I wanted anything beyond a basic shopify theme. I wanted someone local, but also had the experience to take my store to the next level. Metacake, from the beginning, has explained every step of the process and the end result is the site that I dreamed of from the beginning—beautiful, clean, functional, and easy to manage. I highly recommend Metacake’s work.”
-Anatra Jewel

“I am so glad that I got the chance to work with the crew at Metacake! They have helped me in more ways than they will ever know. I needed help with my website, photography for my products, strategy for social media marketing…these guys helped me with every bit of that. I really got lucky when I found them!”
-Jennifer Mayfield – Founder – Bella Blu Clothing

“Working with Metacake was a delight. They were knowledgeable, did the work on time, and met all our needs. They were very responsive to our questions, came up with practical solutions, and the pricing met our budgetary needs. We are well please and would highly recommend them.”
-Quaker Books Stores

“They were easy to work with, fast, understood my expectations – and I never had to get on the phone with them – way to make it easy for me!!!”
-Palouse Brand

“The crew at Metacake offered both a beautifully engaging and user-friendly site for our store. They were very easy to work with and offered the right amount of feedback in order to get exactly what we wanted. We even had them on a tight schedule to get things done and they were very patient with our needs and feedback on the site despite the looming due date. Everyone at the Metacake seemed very knowledgeable in ecommerce and displayed that in our every day interactions. They were very organized and responded quickly to our questions and concerns about the site. If you want an ecommerce store that is aesthetically pleasing and visually engaging that offers ease of access and browsing to users then Metacake can give you that!”
-Narrow Gate Artisans

“Always extremely professional and super quick to jump on the project as well as finish it out. Great work all around!”
-Fulton and Roark

“Enjoyed working with the creative team at Metacake! We are a young company that was looking to update our square space website to a more sophisticated ecommerce store. Above Par is a unique apparel company as we are constantly changing our fabrics and needed a more professional way to display them. The team at Metacake created a customized skirt template on Shopify that has allowed us to do just that!”
-Above Par

“Our boutique was stuck on another eCommerce platform (Magento) and we needed to move quickly to a new platform before our hot trunk show season began. We reached out to Metacake by phone and a human actually picked up! Immediately we felt at ease with their expertise and ability to execute in our accelerated time frame. The team showed us the true power of Shopify. Our new ecommerce store is not only beautiful, but it is a breeze to manage. They took the time to sit with us and make sure we are comfortable managing the entire store from product creation and design updates to fulfillment. The whole project from start to finish was fun and empowering. We can’t recommend the team at Metacake enough.”
-Peggy Green Boutique

“Metacake was awesome. They were very intentional to hearing our needs as a brand and even made several site visits to our office. I’d highly recommend them for your new Shopify store.”
-Weighting Comforts – Josh Durham – Co-Founder & CMO – Forbes 30 under 30 (2019)

“I’m amazed at how great the site was designed and how well it’s serving our business. I wouldn’t even have an elevator speech if it weren’t for Metacake. Metacake took our ideas, visions and what we had done and made it into a real brand.”
-Christian Paro – CEO Paro South

“The Metacake team has been amazing! We own a retail boutique that caters to young moms and their children. After getting our retail business established, we knew that selling online could help our business scale. We needed a online partner that could direct us down that path. We knew we wanted to use Shopify, but everything from picking a theme, to selecting apps, and customizing the design to fit our brand was intimidating. Metacake had worked with several boutiques in the past and knew just the design we needed for our growing business. They were very collaborative and patient throughout the entire process including launch and the ensuing Facebook marketing. Thanks for all your help!”
-Ginnybea Boutique

“Metacake provided an excellent design for our website. The look and ease of use on the site was wonderfully developed. They were quick to respond to our questions and issues. We would recommend Metacake to other Shopify customers.”
-Museum of New Mexico Foundation

“I have been a client for nearly ten years. If you have a company involved in eCommerce let the Metacake team take you and your business to a whole new dimension.”
-Paul Wittwer (Author, CEO) – One Degree

“We could not be more pleased with our experience working with the Metacake team. They are good listeners that implemented all of our ideas, but went above and beyond with their own recommendations to increase our conversions. Our site not only looks better than we had imagined but it also is so much for user friendly, especially from an Admin standpoint. They were diligent to work within the budget we had set. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Metacake in marketing our new site!”
-Violette Field Threads


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