How to Migrate Your Ecommerce Store from WooCommerce to Shopify Plus

The first question to ask is should you migrate from WooCommerce to Shopify Plus?

Why would someone want to migrate their store from WooCommerce (or another self-hosted store solution) to Shopify Plus (or another fully-hosted cloud solution)?

Here are the main reasons you should consider migrating from WooCommerce to Shopify Plus.

Benefits of Shopify Plus

There are several benefits to a fully-hosted cloud solution like Shopify Plus. But the main reason that we see businesses moving away from a self-hosted solution to Shopify Plus is peace of mind.

Having a self-hosted store creates a slew of potential problems and constant concern. Not only is there security to worry about, but also scalability, especially on high traffic days like Black Friday. Online retailers can’t afford to have their sites go down on days like that, and with a self-hosted store, that responsibility lies only with them, requiring them to staff developers around the clock and hope for the best.

With a cloud hosted solution, all of these security and scalability concerns disappear.

Other benefits are cost reduction (being able to cut down on staff and scale back on infrastructure), and constant improvements and innovations in the platform.

Shopify is 100% focused on creating the best possible ecommerce platform out there, so there are always new features being released. They also have an active app community so independent developers are also always building on top of Shopify to add to their in-platform features. This is a huge asset for online retailers.

Previously, with self-hosted solutions, online retailers had to be software companies as well, taking away valuable time and resources from their core business. With cloud-hosted solutions, businesses are able to focus on their product and marketing, rather than ecommerce software.

WooCommerce vs. Shopify: what are the main differences?


  • self-hosted platform: security and scalability risk
  • fully customizable: ultimate design freedom
  • expensive: high infrastructure costs and HR costs for development staff

Shopify Plus

  • cloud-hosted platform: secure and scalable
  • some restrictions on customization
  • lower cost solution: savings on both infrastructure and staff costs

Unless you have very unique business needs that require a fully customizable solution, the benefits of a cloud-hosted platform like Shopify Plus are undeniable.

Are there tools to handle a WooCommerce to Shopify migration?

Unfortunately, there is no tool to complete a one click migration from WooCommerce (or Magento) to Shopify. However, the process does not have to be painful and many stores have done it.

The key is to have an experienced team of people handle the migration to ensure that it all goes smoothly. Shopify Plus will connect you with an experienced Shopify Plus Partner (like us) to help, as well as often offer incentives to move to Shopify Plus (including offers for up to a year free).

What are the risks in switching platforms?

Re-platforming is always hard, there are some risks involved, especially if you choose to do it yourself.

One major risk is losing organic traffic when you transition to the new store. In order to not lose traffic, you need to use 301 redirects to map your old store URLs to the new store URLs, as well as make sure to optimize your new store for search engines.

Another risk is data loss. Both WooCommerce and Magento offer ways to export all of your data, so make sure to do this and keep a backup. Then they key is to choose which data to import into the new system and how to map it. Typically we recommend importing product data and customer data.

Finally, there is the risk of whether or not the new store will perform better than the old store when you make it live. We often slowly transition traffic when you launch the new store to minimize this risk. Then we can make sure that performance and conversion are higher on the new store, before transitioning all of the traffic.

Interested in making the transition?

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