9 Reasons Shopify Is Our Go-To Ecommerce Platform (& Should Be Yours Too)

Needless to say, we love Shopify.

We have been using Shopify with out clients since 2009. At that point, there weren’t a lot of really good hosted ecommerce solutions. There were expensive customizable solutions for enterprises, but for the rest of us out there, there were just a few hosted solutions to choose from.

Then Shopify was unique in that it was an affordable hosted solution that allowed you to customize your own design.

Today, there are many more hosted ecommerce platforms to choose from, but Shopify is still our go-to platform.

Here’s why:

1) Peace of Mind

With Shopify, you get peace of mind. It’s scalable, secure, and stable. As a merchant, you should be focused on selling product, not on maintaining your commerce software or making sure your store stays live during Black Friday. Shopify covers all of these needs allowing you peace of mind and the opportunity to focus your efforts on your product or service.

2) Design Flexibility

Shopify offers the best combination of design flexibility and ease of use, compared to its competitors and offers a great solution for both sides of the spectrum.

For beginners or non-technical users, you can get a pretty good looking ecommerce site up through one of their themes without any technical knowledge, and have some ability to customize the look and feel of the site through colors, fonts, and brand images.

For advanced users, instead you can fully customize the design on your own. You are not limited by the technology, so you can design custom solutions and build them out perfectly within the Shopify system.

3) Functionality and API

Typically when you choose a hosted platform you give up a lot of functionality. On a self-hosted platform, you can do whatever you want, but with a hosted solution, you don’t have access to all of the code, so it can be limiting.

Shopify has a great API and great built in functionality, so you can do almost anything you would do with your own self-hosted platform.

4) Marketing Capabilities

Shopify is a great marketing platform. With it’s built-in features around autoresponders, abandon cart followups, integration with social media platforms and a wide variety of easily installable apps, Shopify makes marketers jobs easier.

5) Vibrant App Community

Shopify has a very vibrant app community, much larger than any of its competitors. Before, you had to build your own solutions if you wanted some custom feature on your site, but now there are apps through Shopify for almost anything you can imagine including loyalty programs, crowd-funding, image optimizers and social plugins. Check out all of the available apps here.

6) Enterprise Solution

Shopify has a revolutionary solution called Shopify Plus for enterprise level clients. Previously, large commerce stores had to build their commerce platforms from scratch in order to have the custom solution they wanted. This not only cost several million dollars, but also a couple of years to build out, not to mention the maintenance and updates required.

With Shopify Plus, enterprise clients have the scalability they need to handle their volume as well as the flexibility in order to meet their business and design needs. And it’s much faster to implement and much less expensive.

Learn more about Shopify Plus.

7) Customer Support

Shopify offers a high level of support to their customers as well as a high level of support to their certified partners, like us! If you have a problem or a question about your store, they are quick to get back to you.

8) Passionate and Devoted Team

The Shopify team is fully focused on building the best commerce platform there is. They are passionate about their technology and are always working to improve their commerce solution. Most of their competitors, on the other hand, also sell services along with their platform, so their focus is split. But Shopify sticks to the what they do best, the platform, and partners with Shopify experts like us in order to provide the services that customers need.

9) Multi-Channel Commerce

Selling on your website may be enough for your store…but now through Shopfy, you can also sell through social media channels, place buy buttons on 3rd party websites, integrate easy mobile checkout with apple pay, and use Shopify for your physical commerce as well.

Interested in using Shopify as your commerce solution? We are highly-rated Shopify and Shopify Plus experts. Check out our profile and reviews.


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