Does Migrating to Shopify Plus Make Sense for Your Ecommerce Site?

  • You want to be able to customize your store more
  • You need dedicated support
  • You are maxing out your API call limits
  • You need Avalara sales tax automation
  • You need sales channel integrations (such as ebay, Amazon, etc.)
  • You need a custom checkout experience
  • You’re doing more than 2 million in revenue year and are growing

If you answered yes to one or more of these, migrating to Shopify Plus might make sense for you.

NOTE: You should also look into Shopify Plus if you’re current enterprise ecommerce solution is self-hosted and you have a development team. Shopify Plus is cloud-hosted and handles all of the security and scalability for you, relieving a major headache for ecommerce enterprises that are currently handling that on their own.

Why should you consider Shopify Plus?

Well, were think it’s the bees knees. But don’t take our word for it. Read on to find out why it’s so great!

1) Simplicity and Ease of Use

Shopify Plus give you all of the simplicity and ease of use of Shopify’s traditional platform for small and medium sized companies, but with the security and scalability of an enterprise solution.

2) Customization, Flexibility, & Automation

Shopify Plus allows for a high level of customization (much beyond what you get with the traditional Shopify platform), but it also allows enterprises to be more flexible and nimble than they’ve been in the past with self-hosted platforms.

Here are a few features to highlight:

  • Checkout can be on you own domain ( instead of redirecting to This is a huge advantage over Shopify’s traditional platform. Keeping the checkout on the same domain not only provides a better use experience, improving trust, but also simplifies things on the analytics side.
  • Access to custom cart scripts & the Checkout API. This innovative new feature allows you to customize the look and feel, as well as functionality, within the checkout, without losing any of the security of Shopify’s hosted checkout.
  • 5x the regular API calls for private apps & custom integrations. If you are building custom functionality that requires a heavy load of API calls, this is essential.
  • Avalara sales tax automation is included free with Shopify Plus. If you need Avalara sales tax automation, this alone makes Shopify Plus worth your while, as it is extremely expensive on its own. Read more about their partnership here.
  • Easy sales channel integrations (ebay, Amazon, etc.) This saves you a ton of manual effort that you would otherwise have had to expend building these integrations in on your own.

3) Support Resources

With Shopify Plus you have access to dedicated support resources. You not only receive priority technical support 24/7, but you have a dedicated success and launch manager to help you through the launch of your store and to answer questions and give feedback as you grow.

4) Pricing Advantages

Pricing advantages alone are enough for some to migrate to Shopify Plus. It could actually save you money!

  • Some important pricing details:
    No transaction fees for 3rd party gateways such as compared to shopify normal system where you are charged additional transaction fees.
  • Lower credit card rates if using Shopify Payments than you can get elsewhere on the market.
  • Discounts on most Shopify apps including 50% off all Bold apps.

Plus, Shopify Plus customers get up to 3 stores under a single Plus account, which is a great deal if you have a family of brands.


Think Shopify Plus might be for you?

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