Abigail Duhon

Abigail Duhon is an up and coming new artist that just released her 2nd album, Right Now.

Duhon-GalleryNew Artist Launch

Abigail Duhon is an up and coming new artist that just released her 2nd album, Right Now.  She came to us with the need to rebrand herself as a relevant teen artist and help develop her presence, both online and off.

With an edgy sound that blends the sounds of dubstep, electronica, and hip hop, we needed to develop a brand for Abigail Duhon that was just as hard hitting and powerful as her music.

Once we had solidified her brand, we got to work on launching her brand and new album online and in stores.  This involved designing her album art, designing and developing her new website on WordPress, writing marketing copy and creating a retail one sheet for Right Now, and designing apparel for her upcoming tour.

This is the first record from your label that no independent store is turning down. Every store is pre-ordering Abigail! This is putting Abigail in a different perspective.
- Rick G., Infinity Music Distribution

It is incredibly difficult to become known as an independent artist. At early stages, the most valuable thing is to gain a fan…and we believe the best way to do this is to get people listening by giving away a song in exchange for some sort of promotion, whether that be an email signup, or a social share on Facebook or twitter. On Abigail’s new site, we not only have a few songs available to stream, but also a free download of her hit single, Lalala.

So far, Abigail Duhon’s new album, Right Now, is having great success in selling into retail stores based on the look of her album and retail one sheet. She is being set apart from other new albums coming out.