Cookshack offers high-quality commercial and residential BBQ equipment. We migrated Cookshack onto the Shopify platform, focusing on designing a site primed to make shopping easy for commercial and residential customers alike.

Pipette is a newly launched brand for clean baby care. This is a fully custom Shopify store. Metacake handled the development from the ground up of several of their Shopify store pages, intermixing content and products seamlessly.

Tend Dental

As a new brand, Tend wanted to launch an ecommerce store as a proof of concept for their oral spa brand. We built this store to match their existing style guidelines and incorporate it seamlessly into their primary site.

In addition to their store, we set them up on Klaviyo to manage their email marketing. This included the design of 3 automated email sequences for abandoned cart, pre-purchase, and post-purchase to bring customers back to the site and drive sales.

Ely Cattleman

Ely Cattleman is a longstanding Westernwear brand sold in traditional retail. The primary goal of this project was to launch the Ely Cattleman brand on a modern and flexible ecommerce platform to give the business a baseline to develop and grow their DTC business. We built this store on the Shopify Plus platform as well as set up their B2B wholesale channel.


Dockers came to us seeking a more scalable online store. With the goal of having the best online shopping experience for their customers, as well as the agility to meet their customers’ evolving needs, Metacake redesigned, developed and launched Docker Shoes’ new online store using the Shopify Plus platform.

“In less than two months, Metacake helped us develop and launch the new store with our customers’ buying preferences in mind, giving us a fantastic platform for growth moving forward.”

Old Spice (P&G)

Looking to innovate even further in DTC ecommerce space, P&G wanted to create a personalization store for Old Spice. Metacake set up this personalization store leveraging the BigCommerce platform. Starting off with labels for 6 NFL teams, along with some custom Old Spice labels, visitors can customize their own body wash and deodorant, selecting the style, scent, and title.

Tony Robbins

It’s hard not to get on board with Tony Robbins and his philosophy of adding the most value to the human race that you possibly can. Being a company centered on growth we’re long time fans and clients of Tony, so needless to say we were stoked to help his ecommerce channel grow.

The Problem:

The Tony Robbins site is massive stable of content between all of his different experience offerings, coaching, and blogs which is built on WordPress. But there is also a commerce component which is hosted on a separate Shopify Plus site.

Initially, the experience transition between the content site and the ecommerce site was inadequate with limited tracking. That meant that is was impossible for them to tell what parts of the content site were working to drive sales and what parts weren’t effective. There was not enough visibility to effectively grow their ecommerce store.

Why Metacake?

At Metacake, we are data driven and multidisciplinary. We are have some of the top experience in the world in WordPress (which hosts Tony Robbins content site) and Shopify Plus (which hosts his online store), and we know these platforms like the back of our hands. Better yet, we know how to GROW brands on these platforms. We believe in growing brands that matter and in doing so based off of analytics, not instinct (although we have a good sense about that too).

What We Did:

In order to fully integrate content and commerce, we used a unique method of embedding Shopify Plus buy buttons within content on the content site. Now when you add something to cart on Tony Robbins, you are linked directly to the Shopify cart along with all the tracking data necessary to attribute marketing campaigns.

We also integrated the analytics in such a way that you could track the marketing activities across both platforms.

Previously, any buy buttons hosted on the content site were popping up a checkout modal, which also prevented the Tony Robbins team from doing any cross promotions between his different products.

This was particularly important when it came to Tony Robbins event pages. Tony Robbins’ event pages attract a TON of traffic. Millions of people are funneled to these event pages and were completely unaware that there was a full online store with products that might interest them. Instead there was just a popup modal to checkout for the event for which they wanted to register. They were also was missing out on a huge opportunity to sell additional products to these visitors.

Now instead, users are dropped into the store checkout with the product they selected on the content site already in their cart. This allows Tony Robbins the potential for cross sells and upsells that were not possible in the past.

Walmart & Country Nation

Country Nation was an eCommerce selling experience that sold product through video content pushed out through episodes. This collaboration was in partnership with Walmart and Brad Paisley. Metacake handled the branding and eCommerce platform design.

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile

We redesigned the hero banner on the homepage, and made some design modifications to the main navigation and footer.

“At The Pioneer Woman Mercantile design is very important to us. When it came to refreshing our Shopify store we were looking for an experienced partner that understood our vision and reflected our retail store’s beauty in the online experience. Additionally, Metacake has delivered strategic value by helping us improve our store experience which included navigation updates, improved user-flow, out-of-stock notifications and many more. We are excited to partner with Metacake and create an incredible experience for the friends that visit our online store everyday.”

Taylor Potter, Director of Ecommerce, The Pioneer Woman

Elvis Presley’s Graceland: Official Store

For Elvis Presley’s Graceland, we migrated their official store to Shopify Plus, including a full redesign, custom development, and integration with their existing ERP system. We also provided email marketing services, store optimization, and ecommerce strategy.