Gibson Brands

What We Did:

Ecommerce Strategy and Planning – The objective of this engagement was to assist the Gibson leadership team in developing a detailed plan for investing in and growing their nascent DTC ecommerce channel. This led to Metacake working with the Gibson Brands team to develop their short and long-term strategy for building out the ecommerce channel. Metacake then functioned in a consulting role to support the implementation of the plan through the launch of the new Gibson and Epiphone ecommerce stores.


Metacake worked with the Stasher Bags Team to implement a complete solution for their wholesale B2B business. Due to their unique needs, this involved designing and developing a headless custom web app powered by Shopify for sales order entry as well as setting up and customizing Shopify Plus’ Wholesale channel for smaller accounts. Our team used Shopify scripts and checkout customizations to handle order data requirements to accommodate the need for paying for orders via invoice. Shortly after the first phase of our project was completed Stasher was acquired by SC Johnson.

Pipette is a newly launched brand for clean baby care. This is a fully custom Shopify store. Metacake handled the development from the ground up of several of their Shopify store pages, intermixing content and products seamlessly.

Old Spice (P&G)

Looking to innovate even further in DTC ecommerce space, P&G wanted to create a personalization store for Old Spice. Metacake set up this personalization store leveraging the BigCommerce platform. Starting off with labels for 6 NFL teams, along with some custom Old Spice labels, visitors can customize their own body wash and deodorant, selecting the style, scent, and title.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

What We Did:

Jeni’s migrated their online store to Shopify Plus. During the process, they had some challenges integrating Shopify with their backend fulfillment system. The Metacake team was able to diagnose the issues and develop a solution. The Metacake team did some custom API work in Shopify and ShipStation in order to get their data flowing smoothly. The solution improved the customer experience and saved the Jeni’s team a ton of time.

Mariners Learning System

What We Did:

Metacake partnered with Mariners Learning System on expansive engagement covering full rebranding, marketing strategy that included email and paid acquisition channels, content strategy, and a full website redesign and migration to Shopify Plus.  

We established core objectives to evolve Mariners into an aspirational boating education and lifestyle brand, diversify acquisition channels, and attract ideal target customers into higher lifetime value products.

For acquisition channel development, Metacake provided ongoing leadership and optimization across email marketing, paid advertising, and content strategy to efficiently drive traffic, conversions, and revenue.

Additionally, we facilitated a full migration of Mariners’ ecommerce storefront to a modern, scalable platform to remove limitations on business growth. Our redesign work enhanced the customer journey to improve conversion rates and integrated new physical product lines to enable customer lifetime value expansion through cross-sell/upsell.

Overall, Metacake drove meaningful progress across our core engagement pillars of branding, marketing strategy alignment, customer acquisition, and creating a future-proof ecommerce foundation to support Mariners Learning System’s next phase of rapid growth.



Dockers came to us seeking a more scalable online store. With the goal of having the best online shopping experience for their customers, as well as the agility to meet their customers’ evolving needs, Metacake redesigned, developed and launched Docker Shoes’ new online store using the Shopify Plus platform.

“In less than two months, Metacake helped us develop and launch the new store with our customers’ buying preferences in mind, giving us a fantastic platform for growth moving forward.”

TB12 Meals

TB12 Meals features a collaboration between TB12 Sports, the health and wellness brand co-founded by Tom Brady and Alex Guerroro, and subscription and delivery meal service, The Good Kitchen. We developed this ecommerce store on Shopify Plus. The store features subscriptions, powered by ReCharge, and many custom features and design elements.

“The Metacake team was fantastic to work with on the Tom Brady TB12 Meals Shopify Plus store. They were very professional and brought a ton of ecommerce and Shopify expertise to the table. We had to expedite the project timeline and Metacake was able to respond to help us get launched on time. This was the first store or website project that we’ve ever been involved with that has launched smoothly and gone to plan! We are very happy with the work they did and look forward to doing more together. I highly recommend them!”
Carter Lewis – Co-Founder – The Good Kitchen

Nursegrid Learn by HealthStream

What We Did:

Metacake partnered with HealthStream to bring their world-class educational content to a direct-to-consumer ecommerce platform. We created a custom Shopify Plus store experience specifically designed to make HealthStream’s educational products easy for customers to find and purchase.

The store facilitates building an online nurse community focused on professional development through free and paid courses, career growth tools, and job opportunities. It also establishes a foundation for organic traffic growth and long-term channel expansion. From a technical perspective, Metacake integrated the HealthStream store with their internal Learning Management System to enable seamless delivery of digital educational products to end customers.

Overall, we successfully executed on a differentiated DTC ecommerce strategy to increase access to HealthStream’s offerings and advance the careers of nurses and other healthcare professionals.


Tony Robbins

It’s hard not to get on board with Tony Robbins and his philosophy of adding the most value to the human race that you possibly can. Being a company centered on growth we’re long time fans and clients of Tony, so needless to say we were stoked to help his ecommerce channel grow.

The Problem:

The Tony Robbins site is massive stable of content between all of his different experience offerings, coaching, and blogs which is built on WordPress. But there is also a commerce component which is hosted on a separate Shopify Plus site.

Initially, the experience transition between the content site and the ecommerce site was inadequate with limited tracking. That meant that is was impossible for them to tell what parts of the content site were working to drive sales and what parts weren’t effective. There was not enough visibility to effectively grow their ecommerce store.

Why Metacake?

At Metacake, we are data driven and multidisciplinary. We have some of the top experience in the world in WordPress (which hosts Tony Robbins content site) and Shopify Plus (which hosts his online store), and we know these platforms like the back of our hands. Better yet, we know how to GROW brands on these platforms. We believe in growing brands that matter and in doing so based off of analytics, not instinct (although we have a good sense about that too).

What We Did:

In order to fully integrate content and commerce, we used a unique method of embedding Shopify Plus buy buttons within content on the content site. Now when you add something to cart on Tony Robbins, you are linked directly to the Shopify cart along with all the tracking data necessary to attribute marketing campaigns.

We also integrated the analytics in such a way that you could track the marketing activities across both platforms.

Previously, any buy buttons hosted on the content site were popping up a checkout modal, which also prevented the Tony Robbins team from doing any cross promotions between his different products.

This was particularly important when it came to Tony Robbins event pages. Tony Robbins’ event pages attract a TON of traffic. Millions of people are funneled to these event pages and were completely unaware that there was a full online store with products that might interest them. Instead there was just a popup modal to checkout for the event for which they wanted to register. They were also was missing out on a huge opportunity to sell additional products to these visitors.

Now instead, users are dropped into the store checkout with the product they selected on the content site already in their cart. This allows Tony Robbins the potential for cross sells and upsells that were not possible in the past.