Cascadia Vehicle Tents

“Cascadia Vehicle Tents was created to be more than just a company. We are a community, an idea that a family built from integrity and communication will always prosper. The belief that giving all your heart to something is the purest form of commitment, and through this commitment a mere product can be transformed

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What We Did:

Cascadia Vehicle Tents came to Metacake with the objective of migrating their existing website from Magento to Shopify Plus and to fully redesign their store in the process. Metacake helped solve some major customer experience issues that CVT was facing on their legacy store. Our teams worked together to transfer their product data, orders, and customers, while also enhancing their visual presence. As a result, CVT’s ecommerce revenue doubled in a short space of time, and their conversion rate more than doubled over the course of the first year on Shopify Plus.

Why Metacake?

At Metacake, we are data driven and multidisciplinary. Our unique approach of customer-centered experience design coupled with the ability to track and refine our products allows us to create brands, products, and campaigns that are extremely successful. We believe in growing brands that matter and in doing so based off of analytics, not instinct (although we have a good sense about that too).