imayla beauty

imayla is on a mission to create cosmetics that bring a little luxury to your everyday lifestyle. They saw a need to prove that vegan pigments can be striking; clean cosmetics can be sexy; bold products can (and should) be safe for sensitive skin. They’ve done the work and are proud to be here.

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What We Did:

As a new brand, it was imperative that the design of would have strong cross-channel campaign integration, accessibility, flexibility, and ease of purchase at its core.

With these goals, we built a new store for imayla beauty on the Shopify Plus platform. We created a high-quality ecommerce site experience for customers and enabled the expansion and growth of the business online. We continue to support their ecommerce store’s ongoing needs.

Why Metacake?

At Metacake, we are data driven and multidisciplinary. We have some of the top experience in the world in Shopify Plus (which hosts their online store), and we know the platform like the back of our hands. Better yet, we know how to GROW brands on these platforms. We believe in growing brands that matter and in doing so based off of analytics, not instinct (although we have a good sense about that too).

“The choice of selecting a vendor to build your website is hard. That is why I am so grateful to have found Metacake to facilitate the build of Imayla Beauty’s Shopify storefront. The team is professional, has countless experts, they are well organized and kind. Unlike many of the web projects I have been a part of, Imayla looks forward to maintaining a long relationship with Metacake, as we grow and look to conquer new challenges.”
-Derek Mabie – CTO – Imayla Beauty