Midland Radio

For over 50 years, Midland has taken a pioneering role in two-way radio technology, introducing CB radio and 14-channel FRS radio technology to the market. Today, Midland is the leading supplier of two-way radios, weather alert radios and an innovator in emergency radio technology.

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What We Did:

The Metacake team partnered with the Midland Radio team to migrate the Midland Radio site to the Shopify Plus platform. This decision to take advantage of Shopify’s secure and scalable infrastructure will make the site easier to manage for the Midland radio team moving forward. These benefits along with a significantly improved customer experience will enable the expansion and growth of the business online.

The primary goals for the new store were to:
-Refresh the design and create an updated overall look for the website
-Help customers more easily browse, find the right product for them and make a purchase decision
-Improve the overall promotional/marketing features available to help drive conversion rate and average order value
-Build the store on a stable, secure and scalable platform
-Have a more agile store platform that the Midland team can more easily manage day-to-day

Why Metacake?

At Metacake, we are data driven and multidisciplinary. Our unique approach of customer-centered experience design coupled with the ability to track and refine our products allows us to create brands, products, and campaigns that are extremely successful. We believe in growing brands that matter and in doing so based off of analytics, not instinct (although we have a good sense about that too).