TB12 Meals

At TB12, they believe peak performance is the result of every decision you make. From the food you eat to the water you drink — every choice matters. Inspired by Tom Brady’s nutrition regimen, the TB12 Performance Meals are designed to make healthy eating easy and delicious.

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TB12 Meals features a collaboration between TB12 Sports, the health and wellness brand co-founded by Tom Brady and Alex Guerroro, and subscription and delivery meal service, The Good Kitchen. We developed this ecommerce store on Shopify Plus. The store features subscriptions, powered by ReCharge, and many custom features and design elements.

“The Metacake team was fantastic to work with on the Tom Brady TB12 Meals Shopify Plus store. They were very professional and brought a ton of ecommerce and Shopify expertise to the table. We had to expedite the project timeline and Metacake was able to respond to help us get launched on time. This was the first store or website project that we’ve ever been involved with that has launched smoothly and gone to plan! We are very happy with the work they did and look forward to doing more together. I highly recommend them!”
Carter Lewis – Co-Founder – The Good Kitchen