Goba Engage™

Goba Engage is a white label mobile app that enables entities to connect and engage with their audiences.

Goba Engage recognized a need for entities across the board to connect and engage with their audiences via a mobile platform. From large corporations to local nonprofits and startups, most companies feel the need to develop a mobile presence. However, the amount of time and money that goes in to developing a proprietary mobile app from scratch is  often too much to undertake.  Gobe Engage set out to develop a platform that would allow an entity to be up and running with their own branded mobile app in just 15 minutes.

Any company can be up and running with their own branded mobile app to engage their audience in just 15 minutes.

Through some innovation and slight of hand, we designed this white label mobile app so that with just a couple brand colors, and a logo, any entity can have what looks to be a completely custom app with just a fraction of the time and cost typically involved in mobile app creation.

This white label app has been a wide success with clients ranging from the top telecom companies in the world to local campus organizations, churches, and startups.