Social Integration

Thoughtronix Dashboard

When approached with the Thoughtronix vision, at first it seemed an impossible task: to build an intelligent platform that would interact with users based on their individual preferences while analyzing and learning their behaviors. Piece of cake, right? Yeah…we didn’t think so either. But we were feeling ambitious and set off to work. […] … read more

Wine With Friends™

This social wine app revolutionizes the way you experience wine. It helps users discover what it is they like about the wines they love via the innovative flavor wheel and let’s them share with their friends. […] … read more

Goba Engage™

Goba Engage is a white label mobile app that enables entities to connect and engage with their audiences. […] … read more

Loop & Meet

A localized mobile app created for Singtel, the 2nd largest telecom company in the world. The app allowed their subscriber base to be better connected with local events and each other. […] … read more