Wine With Friends™

This social wine app revolutionizes the way you experience wine. It helps users discover what it is they like about the wines they love via the innovative flavor wheel and let’s them share with their friends.


Reinventing Wine Culture

Wine with Friends came from a desire to create a social wine app that would revolutionize wine culture. Traditional wine culture can be intimidating and even seem a bit pretentious at times from the outside.  Between tasting rituals and the endless variety of wines to choose from, it’s hard to break in to the vast world of wine.

Wine with Friends wanted to create an app that demystified wine culture, making it more accessible to the current generation. We wanted to reinvent how people think and talk about wine…

This app is a godsend — you can swirl with one hand while spinning through the wheel with the other.
- Louis Villard, Zester Daily

Tasked with designing a cool new app that was easy and fun to use that also educated users about wine and fundamentally changed wine culture, we started with research and found something quite interesting.

Did you know that seeing pictures of flavors makes it easier to taste and identify individual flavors in any given food? Well, it does! We used this research to develop our innovative flavor wheel that is full of aromas and tastes most commonly identified in wine varietals. And that’s just one of the cool features. Follow wineries and attend virtual tastings.

Still in its early stages, this app is beginning to take the wine world by storm. With extensive followings from Holland, to China, to the United States, this app is connecting wine drinkers from across the globe.