What is 360 Customer Experience Design?

So what is 360 Customer Experience Design?

360CX = Experience Design + Acquisition + Conversion + Engagement

360 Customer Experience Design is taking into account the entire end goal of a product at the beginning in order to design it. It is determining the result that you want for your customer: how will they use your product and how will it affect their lives, and then reverse engineering this result.

Beyond the design of the product experience, 360CX is designing the flow through every customer touch point, online and offline. It is carefully crafting a consistent customer experience with your brand with your website, your product, your messaging, and so on.

When all of these touch points are working together, it drives your business forward.

Let’s talk cake.

Say you own a bakery. What do you do before you bake anything?

You first need to ask “what are we baking?” And you can’t decide that until until we know who we are baking for and for what occasion.

Is it for a wedding?

If so, it will have to fulfill certain requirements. It needs to appeal to a bride. It needs to be beautiful. And it also needs to be functional. Will it be eaten with a fork at a table, or while standing?

Or are you baking for a young professional on the go?

In this case your product requirements are completely different. You need to bake something that can be eaten easily without making a mess, probably while your customer has a coffee in hand as well.

You must tailor your baking to your customer’s wants. This may seem fundamental or elementary, but it is often overlooked (or at least not given enough emphasis) in the product design process.

360 CX Design is figuring out the “what” – the product – based on the “why” – who will use it, why and for what purpose and in what environment.

There is no cookie cutter model – even for something as established as baking. Without going through this custom thought process, it’s impossible to create a product that will be well-used and loved by your target customer.

So how do you know if you’ve successfully created an excellent 360 customer experience?

If the customer doesn’t notice the experience at all.

A well crafted experience is one that gets out of your customers’ way. The experience is without friction. It is intuitive and without effort on your customer’s part.

The goal is to make things as easy as possible for your users. For example, a recent innovation in mobile ecommerce checkout was to allow customers to take a photo of their credit card instead of tediously typing in the card number and expiration date over and over and over again…

This simple change makes the checkout process so much easier for the customer and let’s them get to where they want to be (with their new product on the way) as quickly as possible.

A poor experience design is exactly the opposite. The customer notices everything or gets frustrated through the process. There is nothing worse than trying to accomplish a simple task online, only to have it become nearly impossible due to a poor experience design.

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