The Complete Roadmap to Q4 Success for Ecommerce Brands

Merry (early) Christmas! As a gift from us to you, we’ve curated a collection of free guides in three main areas for driving growth. Go through each one, implement the principles now, and watch your success rise. Need help implementing these strategies? Feel free to contact us to see if we’re a good fit to help.

Is your brand optimized to win in Q4?

Did you know that most ecommerce brands have the potential to do 3 times their normal revenue during the holiday buying season— or higher? Have you done everything possible to set up your business for success this year?

You’ll need an email program that generates real revenue. A strategy to maximize ROI across Facebook and Google Ads. And with all this traffic, your website must be ready to turn new traffic into paying customers ASAP. Not to mention a plan to follow up with customers to ensure they become brand fans.

Here’s how you finish stronger than ever!

We’re Metacake, an ecommerce growth team behind some of the most influential brands in the world. We’ve put together this exclusive list of resources to make sure you capture as many sales as possible during Q4. If done right, you will come out on the other side with a new floor for revenue and sales.

This holiday guide will help:

  • Sell any product now
  • Dial in your promotions
  • Write ad copy that sells
  • Generate revenue through email marketing
  • Turn site visitors into brand fans
  • And more…

Email Marketing

We are experts at helping influential ecommerce brands build, manage, and grow massive email lists, monetize them, and build relationships with their audiences at scale. If you’re looking to build an email program that simultaneously generates REAL revenue and builds lifelong relationships with customers, implement these strategies today.

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Email Domination
  2. 8 Email Marketing Tips to Make CTR & Open Rates Skyrocket
  3. 9 Easy Email Segmentations Strategies that Increase Conversions
  4. The Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Emails

Promotions & Sales

Contrary to popular belief, running a promo is not as simple as spinning up a discount code and announcing it to your customers. An intelligent strategy is critical if you want your next sale or promotion to be a massive success. Work through these resources to learn how to create a compelling offer and use promos to create brand fans. We’ll also include a handy checklist to run through before you launch any marketing initiative.

  1. 3 Keys to an Irresistible Ecommerce Offer (How to Sell Any Product)
  2. The Ecommerce Success Equation (How to Get Anyone to Buy Your Product Right Now)
  3. The Holy Grail of Ecommerce Success: Creating Lifelong Brand Fans
  4. 10 Things You Must Do Before Marketing Your Product

Paid Ads (Social & Google)

It takes years of experience (and spending tons of money) to master paid advertising, but we’re here to help you crack the code. We’ve spent over 10 years and close to $100 million in paid digital ads. Our team of experts has collaborated to provide Metacake’s best tips and tricks for writing ad copy, unlocking real results on Facebook, and more.

  1. The Executive’s Guide to Paid Instagram Marketing for Ecommerce
  2. How to Write Magnetic Ads (3 T’s Method)
  3. Are Facebook & Instagram Dead? How to Run Explosive Campaigns in 2019
  4. How to Create a Foolproof Ecommerce Video Ad Funnel
  5. The Secret to a Perfect Video Ad Campaign

Further reading…

If you’re looking to revamp your ecommerce strategy, check out our Ecommerce Cookbook, where we walk through our winning formula for any ecommerce brand.

We hope this guide is a resource to your ecommerce business this season. From startup to global brand, we’ve found these principles to work and drive real growth. As always, if you need help implementing these strategies, contact us to see if we might be a good fit.

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