4 Critical Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Website

There are currently 644 million active sites on the web today. This unfathomable statistic tells us two things.

First, the competition for user eyeballs is higher than ever.

And second, as a brand, it’s not enough to simply have an active website. Your website must be effective, successfully turning visitors into customers or fans.

If you are a brand and run into any one of the following issues on your current website, it is likely time for a facelift.

1. User Complaints.

Though it’s the most obvious of our reasons, you may be surprised at how many of our former clients have ignored the repeated frustrations of their site’s visitors.

Listen to user feedback, put their experience first and you will win.

As any sales professional would say, “The customer is always right.” And the same is true for internet travellers.

Yes, negative comments can be obnoxious and uncalled for at times. However, those same complaints about how long it took to find your contact info or how frustrating the checkout process was can be very helpful in making it clear that the time to redesign your website is NOW.

2. High bounce rate.

If you are tracking your website analytics and you don’t have any conversion goals setup, you should pay particular attention to the bounce rate, especially on your home page (or highest trafficked entrance page). This is the rate of people who leave your site after visiting ONLY a single page.

Simply put, the bounce rate tells you if your site is turning a visitor into a customer or a fan – or not.

No rocket science here. If your bounce rate on your entrance page is high, it isn’t converting and it may be time for a redesign.

3. It’s not accomplishing your goals (a.k.a. poor conversion rate).

Is your goal to sell a product? If so, how many of your visitors are buying that product?

Is your objective to promote a message? If so, how many visitors are sharing your content?

Don’t know? Then you need to setup better analytics to help you measure these crucial business indicators.

Whatever your goal may be, is your site accomplishing it or is it not?

If the answer is no, it’s time to consider a redesign in order to start converting your visitors into whatever you want them to be.

“A well designed digital product (website) provides the right experiences in the right order to take people from where they are to where they want to be.” – Ryan Singer, Product Manager – 37signals

4. It’s not mobile-friendly.

Over 28% of web traffic is from a smartphone or a tablet. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re at risk at losing a good percentage of your visitors to a frustrating smartphone experience.

Any of these four reasons strike a chord?

Just know this.

A website that accomplishes your goals is more important than ever. Don’t be another brand that wastes your time and money trying to acquire traffic when your current site design can’t do anything valuable with those visitors.

If your website is not converting visitors to customers or fans, the time to redesign your website is NOW.

The good news is that getting started is easy. Hire a User Experience professional… like us : ) and you’ll be well on your way to turning your formerly frustrated visitors into happy customers and fans.


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