Graceland (Elvis Presley) Relaunch Case Study

Graceland, once the home of Elvis Presley, is now a major tourist destination for Elvis fans from all over the world. It hosts a full experience including tours of Elvis’ home (including a garage full of his cars), an amazing park experience (think mini Disney!), retail shops for memorabilia, and even an onsite hotel.

Unfortunately, not all Elvis fans can make it to out to visit Elvis’ former home, so Graceland saw a huge opportunity to grow their online store and extend the Graceland experience to all.

What was the problem?

Graceland already had an online store experience, but it was not performing well. Online sales were a very small percentage of their business. The main problem was that the admin was inflexible. The Graceland team was not able to merchandise product or change anything in the online store, making it impossible to run effective promotions or message new product on the site. They could not even feature bestsellers dynamically on the homepage.

In addition, the design and experience of the ecommerce store did not accurately reflect the beautiful and high-quality offline experience. They also had limited visibility into analytics, making it impossible to gather actionable insights.

In order to grow online sales, Graceland recognized that they needed to create a more unified experience across online and offline channels.

That’s where we came in. Graceland was looking for an experienced ecommerce team to help design an effective, manageable online store and integrate with their existing offline systems.

What did we do?


First we focused on designing a beautiful new storefront that better represented their onsite experience using Shopify Plus. This killed two birds with one stone. Not only was their design elevated, but their admin fully flexible. They could add and merchandise new products on the homepage, and virtually every creative element could be easily changed from the Shopify Plus admin.


Next we helped them integrate with their existing backend systems including fulfillment, order management, and email so that operations would continue to flow without a hiccup. These integrations also enabled data to be shared between online and offline channels.

Loyalty Strategy

Part of improving the performance of their online channel was to bring the online and offline experience together through a loyalty program. This not only made visitors to Graceland aware of the online store (and vice versa), but gave the incentive to come back again and again. This created a much better omnichannel experience for customers.

Promotional Strategy

The other part of increasing the footprint of the online store was driving qualified traffic. We helped Graceland develop a full online promotional calendar across multiple channels to increase new customer acquisition as well as leverage existing customers. Graceland had a huge customer email list that they were not utilizing to promote the online store. We developed an email marketing strategy and helped them execute it to convert Graceland visitors to online customers and increase repeat purchase rate.

In addition to the promotional strategy, we also set up automated email sequences to continually drive traffic back to the site. These sequences for both pre and post purchase increased customer value, sending out relevant emails automatically based on visitor behavior. In addition to promotional emails, this is a great way to get the most out of your email list.

With the launch of the new site and implementing these new strategies, Graceland saw a huge uptick in their online store performance. Check it out!


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