Thoughtronix Dashboard

TTX IM Admin Reports - CreationWhen approached with the Thoughtronix vision, at first it seemed an impossible task: to build an intelligent platform that would interact with users based on their individual preferences while analyzing and learning their behaviors to serve them better and provide deep analytics back to Thoughtronix clients for marketing and product development purposes. Piece of cake, right? Yeah…we didn’t think so either. Not to mention that the platform had to be built to scale up to 500 million users.

But we were feeling ambitious and set off to figure out how to make this vision a reality.

Step 1: Create a customized platform for each client that was interested in getting to know their customers better through their content preferences.

The key was to allow brands to more deeply connect with their audience and fanbase on an emotional level. After all, that is the holy grail of any brand marketing initiative. However, in order to do this, you need to dig far deeper into the interactions with the user and truly give them a beneficial experience. You have to put them first. We did this by creating specialized content distributions systems called “smart content hubs” that were branded for the specific company or artist and displayed the brand’s content in a unique and personalized way to the user along with other content that they may be interested.

This included everything from videos, to ads, to images, to articles and blogs, to the latest music on soundcloud that may be within their tastes. And, of course this had to be available on every technology platform known to man in order to work, right? We built it on the web, mobile-web, and a slew of mobile apps, including Facebook integration. Our personalization engine used a myriad of different techniques to learn who the user interacting with the system was and what they really liked. The benefit to the brand? They were able to deeply know who their customers were and what they were really interested in and in turn able to refine their brand, product and message to more accurately connect with that customer.


A New Wave in Real Estate Technology

Zuzsa was born out of the need to bring real estate technology into the 21st Century.  The existing real estate listing technologies such as PropertyBase and MLS are antiquated and make it very difficult for real estate agents to present real property data on their own sites and mobile platforms.  And even if one does succeed in pulling in real property data, there are limited quality photos and videos, making it harder for agents to sell properties.  What’s more, it is nearly impossible to get data and analytics around the properties that your visitors are interested in and viewing.

So, we set out to make it possible for high end real estate clients to be able to not only integrate property data into their sites and mobile platforms, but do so in a way that is both beautiful and usable without limitations on design, functionality, or reporting and analytics.

Abigail Duhon

Duhon-GalleryNew Artist Launch

Abigail Duhon is an up and coming new artist that just released her 2nd album, Right Now.  She came to us with the need to rebrand herself as a relevant teen artist and help develop her presence, both online and off.

With an edgy sound that blends the sounds of dubstep, electronica, and hip hop, we needed to develop a brand for Abigail Duhon that was just as hard hitting and powerful as her music.

Once we had solidified her brand, we got to work on launching her brand and new album online and in stores.  This involved designing her album art, designing and developing her new website on WordPress, writing marketing copy and creating a retail one sheet for Right Now, and designing apparel for her upcoming tour.

Wine With Friends™ Quiz

What kind of friend are you?

Wine with Friends is a new social wine app featuring an innovative flavor wheel that allows users to easily describe each unique aspect of a wine they taste.  To launch this new app we were tasked with developing a fun and engaging viral social marketing campaign both on the web and in-person.

We created a quick and engaging psychological quiz that determines your wine personality type.  This quiz is both highly scientific and incredibly fun.  Based on your answers to a few behavioral questions, it determines, with extreme accuracy, what type of friend you are.   Are you the tipsy friend?  The bubbly friend?  Or are you one of the snobby, pushy, or bold friends?  Want to find out your wine-friend type?