Providence Auto Group – vAuto Integration

Metacake has worked closely with our client Providence Auto Group (PAG) based here in Franklin TN to develop a cutting-edge  brand and auto sales website.  PAG has a very distinct brand in the market loving their customers and the local community as well as their cars. PAG uses the vAuto platform inventory management platform and so Metacake designed and developed the website with a deep customized vAuto integration that complements their sales and merchandising process.

PAG have already had great feedback on the new site that creates a great experience for the car buying customer and  that helps them to build their brand and to sell more cars.

Above Par

Above Par is a custom activewear company, specifically for women’s golfing. They hand-pick all of their fabrics, concentrating on the uniqueness of each one. Their skirts are manufactured by a local apparel company as they are passionate about supporting small business and giving back to the community

Metacake moved Above Par onto an improved commerce platform to setup the business for growth. We then assisted the client with selection of a Shopify store theme, made minor design modifications such as adding branding, changing colors/fonts, and tweaking layout for to up to 4 theme templates. We also designed the product template for the skirts and improved the gallery page experience by installing a Shopify app.

Thoughtronix Dashboard

TTX IM Admin Reports - CreationWhen approached with the Thoughtronix vision, at first it seemed an impossible task: to build an intelligent platform that would interact with users based on their individual preferences while analyzing and learning their behaviors to serve them better and provide deep analytics back to Thoughtronix clients for marketing and product development purposes. Piece of cake, right? Yeah…we didn’t think so either. Not to mention that the platform had to be built to scale up to 500 million users.

But we were feeling ambitious and set off to figure out how to make this vision a reality.

Step 1: Create a customized platform for each client that was interested in getting to know their customers better through their content preferences.

The key was to allow brands to more deeply connect with their audience and fanbase on an emotional level. After all, that is the holy grail of any brand marketing initiative. However, in order to do this, you need to dig far deeper into the interactions with the user and truly give them a beneficial experience. You have to put them first. We did this by creating specialized content distributions systems called “smart content hubs” that were branded for the specific company or artist and displayed the brand’s content in a unique and personalized way to the user along with other content that they may be interested.

This included everything from videos, to ads, to images, to articles and blogs, to the latest music on soundcloud that may be within their tastes. And, of course this had to be available on every technology platform known to man in order to work, right? We built it on the web, mobile-web, and a slew of mobile apps, including Facebook integration. Our personalization engine used a myriad of different techniques to learn who the user interacting with the system was and what they really liked. The benefit to the brand? They were able to deeply know who their customers were and what they were really interested in and in turn able to refine their brand, product and message to more accurately connect with that customer.