Anatra Jewel

As a team, we helped Anatra Jewel select an existing Shopify store theme and made design modifications to make the store consistent with Anatra Jewel’s brand.
From there, we assisted with the setup of their store and handled the launch of the new store. After the store was completed, we launched an initial Facebook campaign to help project the store into the marketplace.

Hawai’i Island Film

The government of Hawai’i’s film office approached the Metacake team as a trusted partner for rebranding and site design services for the Big Island’s film office. Film productions had been lucrative in the past for the Big Island, but new competition from other locations such as Louisiana and New Zealand began competing for those same productions.

The government wanted to not only compete with these other locations but tell a better story of why Hawai’i is superior. The site design encapsulates an easy-to-navigate, beautiful experience highlighting why filming on Hawai’i Island is the destination location for the most demanding film productions.