• Do you want more customization for your store?
  • Do you need dedicated support?
  • Are you maxing out your API call limits?
  • Do you need Avalara sales tax automation?
  • Do you need sales channel integrations (eBay, Amazon, etc.)?
  • Do you need a custom checkout experience?
  • Are you making more than $2 million in revenue a year and growing?
  • Do you currently use a self-hosted solution and maintain a development team?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then a Shopify Plus migration likely makes sense for you.



Why Consider a Shopify Plus Migration?

While a basic Shopify account does a great job for new and smaller operations, larger shops need more for their brands. Shopify Plus is a cloud-hosted enterprise solution for stores that’ve outgrown their existing online platform.

Below are a few of the top advantages Shopify Plus offers.

1. Simplicity and Ease of Use

One of Shopify’s calling cards is ease of use. The company built its platform with simplicity in mind, allowing brands to build and run their stores without coding or dev teams.

Shopify Plus offers all the simplicity and ease of use of Shopify’s traditional platform for small- and medium-sized companies, but with the security and scalability of an enterprise solution.

2. Customization, Flexibility, and Automation

Many brands consider a Shopify Plus migration when they need a higher level of customization than the traditional Shopify offers. Shopify Plus also allows enterprises to be more flexible and nimble than they’ve been in the past with self-hosted platforms.

Here are a few feature highlights:

  • Custom checkout domain. With Shopify Plus, checkout can be on your own domain ( vs., a huge advantage over Shopify’s basic platform. Keeping checkout on the same domain not only provides a better user experience, improving trust, but also simplifies the analytics side.
  • Access to custom cart scripts and checkout API. This innovative new feature allows you to customize the look, feel, and functionality of your checkout without losing any of the Shopify-hosted checkout security benefits.
  • Increased API calls. When you migrate to Shopify Plus, you get five times the regular API calls for private apps and custom integrations. If you’re building custom functionality that requires a heavy load of API calls, this is essential.
  • Avalara sales tax automation. Included with Shopify Plus, Avalara sales tax automation alone makes Shopify Plus worthwhile for those who need it.
  • Easy sales channel integrations. Pre-built integrations for sales channels like eBay, Amazon, etc., gather all your points of sale into one easy-to-use dashboard. Beyond the excellent user experience, this saves you the time, expense, and effort of building these integrations on your own.

3. Support Resources

When you migrate to Shopify Plus, you receive access to dedicated support resources. You not only get priority technical support 24/7, but you also have a dedicated success and launch manager to help you through the dawn of your store and to answer questions and provide feedback as you grow.

4. Peace of Mind

Shopify Plus is a cloud-hosted solution that handles all security and scalability issues for you. With cloud hosting, you no longer have to worry about your server reliability on crucial high-traffic days (like Black Friday). Shopify Plus’s excellent security also relieves this major headache for ecommerce enterprises that currently handle this on their own.

5. Pricing Advantages

For many growing companies, the pricing advantages alone are enough to justify a Shopify Plus migration. Despite the higher subscription fee, the move actually saves brands money at a certain revenue level.

Some important pricing details:

  • No transaction fees for third-party gateways such as compared to basic Shopify, where you’re charged additional transaction fees.
  • Lower credit card rates with Shopify Payments than elsewhere on the market.
  • Discounts on most Shopify apps, including discounts on Bold apps.

Plus, Shopify Plus customers get up to three stores under a single Plus account, which is a great deal if you have a family of brands.

Shopify Plus Migration: Final Thoughts

If you need more — more customization, more integration, more support — out of your online platform, consider migrating your store to Shopify Plus. By weighing the increased price against the cost benefits (not to mention the other improvements), you’ll get a good idea of whether Shopify Plus makes financial sense for your brand.

If it does, you can start enjoying those benefits right away! Feel free to reach out for migration support. We love helping brands set themselves up for success!




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