Most people are familiar with Shopify as a service. Ecommerce platforms across the world use it to get their products to the masses. Shopify offers several different levels of service plans, and while that allows for a custom fit for your business, it can be tough to tell which tier is right for you.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Shopify Plus features and, from there, explore whether it’s the plan you need.

Who Was Shopify Plus Designed For?

Briefly, Shopify Plus was designed for any of the following use cases:

  • High-growth stores
  • Well-established, high-revenue stores
  • Brands that need a complex or custom store experience
  • Companies spending significant money on licensing fees, technology costs, or HR expenses for an alternate platform
  • Store owners or managers who can’t focus on growing their business because of their current unstable or limited ecommerce platform

If you fall into any (or many) of these categories, then Shopify Plus was built for you!

Do Shopify Plus Features Help With Growth?

In our experience, yes, they do! We’ve seen it happen for a number of brands.

For instance, Groove Life is one of the top players in the silicone ring market. By helping them move to Shopify Plus, we were able to create a try-on program through the multiple storefronts feature. Before, not being able to try on rings was a huge purchasing barrier for Groove Life’s customers. New customers were unsure of what size to buy or what style would look best and be most comfortable.

With this new try-on feature through Shopify Plus, customers now have the opportunity to try rings on at home and only pay for what they keep. This changed the game for Groove Life, dramatically improving their customers’ shopping experience and increasing the company’s revenue.

Another fantastic example is Lolli and Pops, a brand that sells high-end candies in physical retail locations and online. They wanted to create an entirely custom checkout experience to match their sophisticated brand, but their basic Shopify plan didn’t allow extensive checkout customization. After moving to Shopify Plus, however, they were able to get exactly what they wanted.


What Are Shopify Plus’s Extra Features?

1. Dedicated Platform Resources

Shopify Plus allows large-volume stores to scale with peace of mind. Since Shopify Plus allots each store its own dedicated resources, you never have to share a server with other brands. These dedicated platform resources prevent scaling issues and eliminate problems from traffic spikes during major shopping events, like Black Friday.

2. Dedicated Support

Another Shopify Plus feature is a dedicated support team. They’re equipped to help you from migration through launch and beyond, no matter what issues arise.

You begin with an assigned team member to help get your store up and running. From there, a Shopify Success Manager helps you grow your store over time. Your dedicated representatives offer support 24/7, and they can refer you to specific departments for specialized help if needed.

3. Increased Customizability

Shopify Plus features offer you additional customizations that a regular Shopify plan does not. Among these specialized Shopify Plus features, upgraded checkout and backend integrations offer the most bang for your buck.

4. Access to Enterprise Features

Spotify Plus gives you access to tons of enterprise-level features to optimize and customize your storefront. (Check out The Ultimate Unbiased Shopify Plus Review for even more details on these enterprise features!)

  • New wholesale store experience
  • Access to multiple storefronts
  • Custom automations and workflows to limit manual processes
  • Additional payment gateway options
  • Checkout and discount scripts to allow advanced functionality

5. Cost Savings

Shopify Plus offers insane discounts on transaction fees, especially if you’re using Shopify Payments.

If you have a regular Shopify plan but you’re exceeding $300K in monthly revenue, you’ll likely save money by upgrading to Shopify Plus. Plus, you’ll have access to all the additional Shopify Plus features the next tier offers.



Who Needs an Upgrade to Shopify Plus Features?

If the features in this guide sound appealing for your business, it might be time to consider upgrading to the Shopify Plus tier. Not only does it save larger stores money, but it might be just the thing your business needs to hit its stride.

If you don’t need the extra Shopify Plus features, or if your business doesn’t bring in enough revenue to justify the upgrade, it may not be time quite yet… so just keep it in mind for the future!


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