How Snapchat fits into your eCommerce marketing strategy

Is Snapchat advertising right for you?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

A lot of businesses hear that they have to be doing something (such as advertising on the latest and greatest social media channel), so they just start doing it without considering if it really makes sense for their business. This is a great way to lose money and get distracted from your core business goals and your core customer.

But not every channel is for every business.

The key is to ask yourself, “is your target audience on Snapchat?

If they are, then read on to see how you can leverage Snapchat for your ecommerce business.

If not, feel free (and smart) to say no to Snapchat advertising.

Where does Snapchat fit into your strategy?

The greatest potential for Snapchat advertising is at the top of the funnel. It is best used for brand building and awareness, while other channels should be used for direct sales.


1) The Platform Design

The Snapchat platform was designed for content consumption (and creation), and it is on the cutting edge of trendiness right now.

But it is incredibly limited in terms of the action that you can take. It isn’t somewhere you can add a “click to purchase” CTA.

2) The Audience Mindset

When a user opens Snapchat, they do so for 2 reasons and 2 reasons only. They are either there to watch stories and snaps or to publish one of their own. They are not in the mindset to purchase. They are focused on a specific task, so your ads won’t be very successful if you try to take them away from this task and down a different path.

If you’re going to do Snapchat advertising, use the platform as it was intended. Focus on enhancing your target audience’s experience on Snapchat by providing quality content for them to consume in order to build your brand.

What are your options for advertising on Snapchat?

Sponsor a Custom Geofilter

Geofilters are just like other filters on Snapchat, only they only appear when users are in a certain location. You an design one of your very own for users to use in their own snap and story creations.

Check out this success story!

Create a Lens

taco-bell-filter-01-2016This is a bit more difficult, technically and much more expensive, but lenses are highly effective. Lenses are the features in Snapchat that overlay images (often moving images) on your face.

Check out this sponsored lens from Taco Bell in this article.

Create a Sponsored Video Ad

These are stories created by your company that will play between other stories that a user is watching.

Partner with an Influencer

Influencer marketing (and micro-influencer marketing) is growing like gangbusters today. Find an influencer on Snapchat that has your target audience and partner with them to create content. Get them to unbox your latest product, share your most recent promotion, or provide a review.

Each advertising channel has its advantages and its proper place in your strategy. Look at Snapchat for brand awareness and other channels like Adwords or Google Shopping ads for direct sales. The right mix will depend on your brand and your target audience.


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