Top 11 Ecommerce Businesses Based in Nashville

There are so many things that make Nashville a sweet spot to do business, especially for ecommerce and technology companies. Talent, success rate, location, costs (for your business and in terms of cost of living) to name a few.

You might just think of country music, songwriters on every corner, and whiskey when Nashville comes to mind, and yes, it is all of that. And that is part of why it is so great. But there is much more to talk about when you look at Nashville from a business perspective.

To shed some light on that, here are 10 awesome ecommerce businesses that are based right here in Nashville.

1. Dr. Axe

Dr. Axe offers supplements, content, training plans, and training classes to their audience, and we’re happy to say that we’ve helped them grow their brand and ecommerce business at various stages.

In fact, Dr. Axe made Inc. 5000’s list of top growing companies, reaching 130th at it’s peak. They grew 2,645% in three years, generating $11.6 million in revenue! 

And did we mention they are on Shopify Plus?

2. was one of the main innovators in the magazine industry. As print sales fell, they moved sales online and pioneered the irresistible offer (10 magazines for a dollar for example).

3. Tractor Supply 

If you’ve been around Nashville, you’ve certainly heard of Tractor Supply. If not, it’s in the realm of your Lowe’s or Home Depot, with a heavier focus on outdoors. Not only do they have a large online presence, but their social media presence is fantastic.

4. Kirklands

Kirklands is a leading home goods store, and not only are they based in Nashville, but they were actually founded in the area right in Old Hickory Mall back in 1966 by local Carl Kirkland.

5. Bridgestone

Bridgestone manufactures some of the best tires in the world. In fact, they are the official provider for BMW, which is known for their high bar for quality.

Bridgestone moved to Nashville in 1992 when Japanese company Bridgestone Tires purchased Firestone Tire and Rubber Company (based in Akron, Ohio).

6. Cracker Barrel

You might think of Cracker Barrel as a highway restaurant, but it is so much more. Unlike the vast majority of restaurant chains, Cracker Barrel has an entire division dedicated to product and this is a major part of what they do. In fact, their full name is Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. And they were founded next door in Lebanon, TN.

They sell everything from rocking chairs to sugar cured ham…and did we mention they also have a record label?

7. Dollar General

Certainly you’ve seen their yellow signs or commercials on TV. But did you know that they’ve taken dollar stores online? Dollar General is the largest small-box retailer in the US.

We’re especially big fans of Dollar General due to their community involvement, supporting literacy around the nation (one of their founders only had a third-grade education!).

8. Mars Petcare

You may not recognize Mars Petcare, but certainly you recognize their brands. They have 42 petcare brands in all including names such as Pedigree, Whiskas, and Royal Canin (all billion-dollar brands). And these brands are all heavy players in ecommerce when it comes to petcare.

9. Dave Ramsey

Don’t think of ecommerce when you think of Dave Ramsey? Think again.

Dave Ramsey’s entire business is built on ecommerce from books to classes to digital products and training subscription services. Kudos to Dave Ramsey for building a massive brand with a cult following.

10. Nisolo

Nisolo produces hand made leather goods and they are a social enterprise. We talk about these guys a lot in our blogs because not only do they have a great product, but have developed great brand to back it up.

11. Batch USA

Batch USA is one of the first companies we’ve seen to spearhead locally sourced gift boxes. Starting out in Nashville as Batch Nashville, these guys quickly spread nationwide. They provide a great way to get a taste of the local flavor from cities around the US and support small local producers.

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