Stealth Hitches

Stealth Hitches are made for your car and to be fully hidden when not in use. No more bruised shins from contact with the receiver of other hitches, all while maximizing your towing capacity, maintaining your crumple zones (unlike other hitches), and maintaining the vehicle’s original appearance.

Metacake helped Stealth Hitches select an existing Shopify store theme and make modifications in order to keep the store consistent with Stealth Hitches’s brand. We also assisted with the setup of the online store including products, as well as handling the launch of the new store. Lastly, Metacake setup and configured third party apps that will help with sales growth and assisting the launch of the store into the marketplace.

Brilliantly Brave Parenting

Brilliantly Brave Parenting is a podcast, blog and resource site designed to empower parents of all stages and ages who are balancing meeting the demands of life while living responsibly as a family of Faith. Metacake set up a new WordPress site for and styled it remain consistent with the brand. We also imported all of the existing posts from their previous blog to the new website.

Peggy Green

Metacake worked with Peggy Green, a Southern lifestyle brand, specializing in traditional children’s clothes, classic women’s pieces, custom keepsakes, and luxe accessories, to select an existing Shopify store theme and make limited modifications to make the store consistent with Peggy Green’s brand.
We assisted with the setup of Peggy Green’s online store including products and will setup and configure a group of key third party apps. We will also handle the launch of their new store.


Skillway is a small, boutique sales consulting firm based out of Nashville, Tennessee. They help their partners hit and exceed sales goals. President and Sales Coach, Dew, was looking to develop branding to fit their brand voice and style.

Metacake worked with their team to understand and identify the core value proposition of the business and develop a distinct brand mark and style guide. The key elements of the style guide are logo anatomy and spacing, safety zone, brand typography, primary brand colors, and proper use of the logo.

Metacake provided A&J Distributing, LLC / with selected marketing services on a monthly basis including introducing new lines of pajamas to current and targeted new customers, create relevant and timely campaigns to keep the Sleepyheads sight top of mind throughout the year, sell the remainder of their inventory, and create and manage Facebook and Google ad campaigns.

Teasley Services Group

The team at Metacake created a WordPress website for Teasley, assisting in branding and messaging as well as site design, development and launch. 

Southern Firefly

Southern Firefly Candle Co. is a luxury fragrance brand that creates the finest handmade products with an eco-friendly mindset. Metacake created a Shopify site for Southern Firefly, which included development and choosing a theme design. 

Ginny Bea Boutique

Ginny Bea is a baby and women’s boutique located in Memphis, Tennessee.

We selected an existing Shopify store theme and refreshed it to line up with Ginny Bea Boutique’s brand. We also assisted in the setup of the store including product, handled the launch of the new store, set up sales growth apps, and created initial marketing launch campaign.

Simple Modern

Simple Modern is a drinkware brand featuring premium vacuum insulated, powder coated tumblers and bottles that will keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 8 hours. Simple Modern seeks to develop exceptional products and lasting relationships.

We relaunched their existing Shopify store on a new theme with brand and content customizations, a new university drinkware page as well as a greek drinkware page.