Banded is a national headband and apparel company in Franklin, TN.  Their products are superior to many others on the market, and for every band they sell, they donate 3 meals to a child in need around the word.  Banded was primarily a B2B company that sold their products to big box retailers. They approached Metacake to design, build, and market a new B2C eCommerce store.

After the new store was completed, we devised a marketing and optimization strategy over a long-term engagement to launch new product lines, drive new traffic and improve the customer experience, conversion rates, and average order value.

Vida Fuel

Vida Fuel has created a proprietary line of snacks that meet the nutritional needs of those with CKD and on dialysis, while tasting delicious.

We helped with their site design, store launch, and Facebook ads to improve their marketing and conversions.

Anatra Jewel

As a team, we helped Anatra Jewel select an existing Shopify store theme and made design modifications to make the store consistent with Anatra Jewel’s brand.
From there, we assisted with the setup of their store and handled the launch of the new store. After the store was completed, we launched an initial Facebook campaign to help project the store into the marketplace.