Violette Field Threads

Metacake helped Violette Field Threads Inc. select an existing store theme on Shopify and made modifications to align the store’s consistency with Violette Field Threads Inc.’s brand. We assisted with the setup of their store including products and handled the launch of the new store. We conducted a standard install of the store analytics to ensure we are able to measure the impact of traffic and any marketing activities moving forward to continue to help Violette Field Threads grow their business. Lastly, Metacake setup and configure a group of key 3rd apps that will help with sales growth.

Dr. Axe

“Metacake did great work for us. They were responsive, fast and conversion focused. I’d definitely recommend working with them.”

Michael Danner, Vice President Digital Marketing at Dr. Axe


A Lesson in Conversion Optimization

Ever wondered how to instantly boost your online revenue?  The answer can be extracted from our recent partnership with a long standing luxury glassware company, called Lenox.

Lenox Corp came to us with a common problem. They had built a highly profitable online business, but it was using antiquated technology and had a poor user experience. Suspecting that they could boost their profit margins with a redesign, they brought us a challenge involving several layers of complexity.

ONE. Reengineer the user experience of a profitable website.
TWO. Redesign the user interface to appeal to two dramatically different audiences.
THREE. Navigate and optimize a technology platform with portions dating back to the 1980’s.
FOUR. Test and iterate the redesign on a highly trafficked site.
FIVE. Prove the success of the redesign via increased revenue.
SIX. Do all of it in time to go live for the busiest season of the year.


The full set of services that we provided for Sense includes store design, custom development, customer experience flow, store optimizations, B2B store development, and ecommerce strategy.

Weighting Comforts

The team at Metacake collaborated with and directed the Weighting Comforts team to select an existing Shopify store theme and made limited modifications so the current store theme stayed consistent with Weighting Comforts brand. Metacake also assisted with the setup of Weighting Comforts eCommerce store including products as well as the launch of the new store.


Ely Cattleman

Ely Cattleman is a longstanding Westernwear brand sold in traditional retail. The primary goal of this project was to launch the Ely Cattleman brand on a modern and flexible ecommerce platform to give the business a baseline to develop and grow their DTC business. We built this store on the Shopify Plus platform as well as set up their B2B wholesale channel.


Cookshack offers high-quality commercial and residential BBQ equipment. We migrated Cookshack onto the Shopify platform, focusing on designing a site primed to make shopping easy for commercial and residential customers alike.

Freely Give

Freely Give curates beautiful and unique gift boxes that bring hope, encouragement and joy to families, friends, and loved ones.

We designed, developed, and launched a custom Shopify store for Freely Give, leaving them with a beautiful site enhancing customer experience and functionality.

Stealth Hitches

Stealth Hitches are made for your car and to be fully hidden when not in use. No more bruised shins from contact with the receiver of other hitches, all while maximizing your towing capacity, maintaining your crumple zones (unlike other hitches), and maintaining the vehicle’s original appearance.

Metacake helped Stealth Hitches select an existing Shopify store theme and make modifications in order to keep the store consistent with Stealth Hitches’s brand. We also assisted with the setup of the online store including products, as well as handling the launch of the new store. Lastly, Metacake setup and configured third party apps that will help with sales growth and assisting the launch of the store into the marketplace.